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Republican Senate candidate in Delaware hires anti-Semite monarchist to manage her campaign

Republican Senate candidate in Delaware hires anti-Semite monarchist to manage her campaign

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The election of Donald Trump to the presidency should have represented rock bottom for the Republican Party. Instead, it opened a trapdoor within the GOP, letting out all manner of lunatics, racists, and fringe figures who would normally have been shunned by a sane polity but which now feel emboldened and welcomed into the mainstream. We saw it with the rise of out-and-out white supremacists and neo-Nazis after Trump’s inauguration and continue to witness mutant strains of conservatism emerging into the light.

Jared Holt of Right Ring Watch reports that the latest such conservative figure is a Republican candidate running for Senate in Delaware who has hired a “self-described monarchist” as her campaign manager.

Candidate Lauren Witzke has brought on board Michael Sisco, a right-wing activist who in the past suggested that the United States would be better off if it were ruled over by a monarch who could prevent Jews from wielding power in this country.

The flagrantly anti-semitic Sisco is the only person to have been paid by Witzke for “campaign manager services” which Holt surmises means he’s her sole campaign manager. One can presumably conclude from this fact that Witzke herself is sympathetic to at least some of Sisco’s disgusting beliefs.

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Sisco previously worked for Bobby Schilling, a Republican Congressional candidate in Iowa. Shortly after Sisco invited Nick Fuentes—a 21-year-old, far-right, Holocaust-denying, white nationalist internet troll —to speak at an event where Schilling was also presenting, Sisco was fired. Schilling claimed he wasn’t aware of Fuentes’s views.

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Sisco then moved on to Witzke’s campaign which frankly should be enough information for every rational, unbigoted person in Delaware to realize how unsuited she is for elected office.

During an appearance on Sisco’s podcast, Witzke was asked by a host whether she liked the idea of Donald Trump eventually transitioning from president to the King of the United States.

“You know, that would be really cool because I really think that he is a man who puts America First, and he is the first president I’ve seen in my lifetime who really puts America first and the people of America first. I guess I could get behind Trump, lifelong term, I guess,” responded Witzke.

Sisco can’t be blamed for all of Witzke’s insane radical beliefs though, as she was previously photographed in a Qanon t-shirt, a reference to the paranoid far-right conspiracy theory which holds—among other deeply unhinged tenents—that the Democratic party is secretly run by a cabal of pedophiles who kill and devour children.

It truly cannot be stressed enough how removed from reality these lunatics are.

While it appears unlikely that Witzke will be able to unseat incumbent Senator Chris Coons (D) even if she does manage to seize her party’s nomination in the primary this story should serve as a wakeup call to all of us. The radicalization of the GOP is accelerating not slowing and if these people are not overwhelmingly repudiated at the ballot box they could soon be running our government.

Read the original reporting by Jared Holt for more information on Witzke and Sisco.

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