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Ivanka sparks outcry with empty feel-good tone deaf tweet about Floyd protests

Ivanka sparks outcry with empty feel-good tone deaf tweet about Floyd protests

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President Trump sparked national outrage this morning when he trashed the Minneapolis protesters expressing their rage at the cold-blooded murder of Black man George Floyd by police officers as “thugs” and threatening to have them killed by the military for minor property crimes.

On top of the barely concealed threat of mass violence, the president trashed the angry protesters as “THUGS,” which is the right-wing’s preferred euphemism for their favorite racial slur and had the breathtaking nerve to try to claim that they were “dishonoring the memory of George Floyd.”

For a man who has praised white supremacists as “very fine people,” called NFL players protesting police brutality “sons of bitches,” and openly encouraged the police to be more brutal to pretend to care about the memory of George Floyd is beyond infuriating to see.

Equally as appalling is to see his daughter, Ivanka Trump, taking the opposite tack and sharing empty feel-good let’s all just get along words while her father is openly calling for violence and fanning the flames of racial strife.

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Ivanka Trump is one of the few people in this world that President Trump would actually listen to. If she actually wanted to help this nation heal, she could reach out to her father and convince him to tone down the blood-and-soil race-baiting rhetoric and not spend his day calling for violence against angry Black Americans who are tired of the violence that men like Trump constantly inflict upon their communities.

But instead she just offers these simpering tweets and calls it a day.

Social media was quick to express its frustration with the First Daughter:



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