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Joe Biden issues stirring condemnation of Trump’s call to shoot Minneapolis protestors

Joe Biden issues stirring condemnation of Trump’s call to shoot Minneapolis protestors

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Last night as protestors took to the streets and raided buildings to protest the murder of George Loyd at the hands of a police officer, the city of Minneapolis burned. The police precinct was set on fire and businesses across the city were looted.

Regardless of what one thinks of the behavior of the protestors, it’s crucial that we recognize and empathize with their understandable pain and frustration. Police officers in this country have been killing people of color with impunity for so long that many feel like there is no other way to have their voices heard than in acting out in this way. Systemic reform of our law enforcement agencies is the only way to avoid more incidents like this.

As the city struggled and bled, the president took to Twitter to throw gasoline on the fire. He decried the “THUGS” protesting, using the word that racists frequently use when talking about Black people. He then fantasized about sending in the U.S. military to massacre American citizens in the streets saying that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

It was perhaps the vilest tweet he’s penned to date,  which in his case is quite the ignominious accomplishment.

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Today, former Vice President Joe Biden awoke to see the president’s tweet and reacted in horror. He started by tweeting out a single word: “Enough.” Simple, yes, but it’s exactly how so many of us are feeling right now. Enough violence, enough racism, enough of a president who delights in both.

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Biden went on to decry the stunning on-air arrest of Omar Jimenez, a Black CNN reporter, an injustice made all the worse by the fact that the police officer who killed George Floyd remains free. Jimenez was released from custody, but as Biden pointed out that the fact that he was arrested at all “says everything.”

Biden went on to directly mention Trump’s disgusting tweet and decided against retweeting it because he didn’t want to “lift” it or give it “amplification,” an admirable move to deny Trump some of the attention he so desperately craves.

The former vice president said that he is “furious” that the president is calling for violence against Americans, especially since so many of us are feeling such deep pain right now. He ended with a promise that he will be addressing the ongoing crisis in Minnesota later today. In every way that Trump is not, Biden came across as presidential and empathetic.

The difference between Biden and Trump could not be any clearer at this point. Vote for Biden if you have any desire to see this country start healing. Vote for Trump if you want to see more tragedies like last night’s.

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