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Twitter users clap back at Ivanka Trump after her attempt to distract from her father’s divisiveness

Twitter users clap back at Ivanka Trump after her attempt to distract from her father’s divisiveness

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As her fury-filled father raises the tension in this country to new levels of divisiveness, Ivanka Trump is playing the calm and collected card, tweeting out inspirational Bible verses like Senator Marco Rubio on a bender and with likely just as much sincerity.

Having converted to Judaism when she married her husband Jared Kushner, it’s only natural that Ivanka chose a selection from the Old Testament to respond to the nation-wide protests and unrest in the wake of the police murder of George Floyd.

Her tweet this morning was a follow-up to a post she made on the situation on Friday.

In her tweet this morning, the president’s daughter switched from “justice” to “the Lord” as the healing element that can help solve the pain that decent Americans feel after watching the video of four Minneapolis police officers presiding over the deliberate killing of an unarmed black man.

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If Ivanka thought that her display of piety would earn her or her father much sympathy or credit, Twitter denizens proved her atrociously wrong.

Many replied to her post with dueling Bible verses.

Others replied with plain old snark.

The unelected White House fixture got more than she bargained for when she sent her tweet, but sympathy was not part of the deal.

It’s difficult to make allowances for the entitled child of one of the most reviled men in America — someone with whom she shares half her DNA — particularly when her false piousness contrasts so heavily with the everyday behavior of her family.

Luckily, Since Ivanka is just an unofficial political appointee in the Oval Office, the nation can eject her from the White House simultaneously with her father by the simple act of voting for the Democratic candidate in November’s election.

As they say in the Book of Nike: Just do it!

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