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Trump reinforces White House with soldiers and armored military vehicles ahead of tonight’s protests

Trump reinforces White House with soldiers and armored military vehicles ahead of tonight’s protests

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Yesterday, as protests against police brutality sprang up in cities across the United States, Donald Trump fled to the presidential bunker. The demonstrators outside the White House eventually dispersed but are expected to return tonight and our craven president is absolutely terrified.

Trump’s profound lack of leadership over the past few days shows no signs of improving and it appears his plan for dealing with this current crisis is throwing blame at others, fecklessly tweeting, and cowering inside the White House. Never has it been more undeniable how uniquely unsuited for the Oval Office this washed-up reality television star really is.

As nightfall approaches in Washington D.C., the president is making it abundantly clear how much he fears the American people. Military trucks loaded up with soldiers have rolled onto White House grounds to reinforce its defenses. The videos and images are shocking and look more akin to news coverage of a dictator struggling to maintain control of a third world country than anything we should expect from an American president.

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Trump, true to form, is far more interested in protecting his own neck than in serving the country he swore to defend. It would be a simple matter for him to come out in support of police reform, for him to say that cops need to stop extrajudicially murdering Black people in our streets, or for him to urge police to stand down tonight and resist what is clearly an urge to escalate these conflicts. But he hasn’t done that because he is a moral and physical coward. He knows that standing up for what is right will alienate his base, many of whom voted for him because of his vile racist rhetoric.

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There’s no telling what tonight holds in store, but one thing that is certain: President Trump bears a great deal of responsibility for all of this. He is no leader and right now this country is in desperate need of one.

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