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Kellyanne trashes bishop for condemning Trump’s church photo op: “That is not ‘her church'”

Kellyanne trashes bishop for condemning Trump’s church photo op: “That is not ‘her church'”

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The Trump administration isn’t satisfied with merely dividing America, it also now seems intent on driving a wedge into the religious community, forcing the clergy to choose between remaining faithful to their religious values or declaring themselves followers of Donald Trump rather than any actual beneficent deity.

After Trump had peaceful protestors tear-gassed to clear the way for his hypocritical photo op in front of a church that he doesn’t attend, holding a bible that may as well be written in the original Aramaic for all he understands of its contents, his pitiful and servile minions attacked those religious leaders who condemned his actions and defended the president’s unforgivable actions like faithful demons.

Occupy Democrats has already reported on the shameful attack that Jenna Ellis, the Senior Legal Advisor to the Trump campaign and the president’s personal attorney, aimed at Bishop Mariann E. Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington for her righteously angry response to the president’s hijacking of one of her diocese’s sacred spaces for his personal aggrandizement and political benefit.

Now, Senior White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway has joined the pack of vicious Trump attack dogs — albeit not the type most people were envisioning when the president warned that protestors would be met by such ferocious canines — sicced upon any religious leader daring to point out that, in fact, this is not what Jesus would do…or Buddha, Mohammed, Ganesh, Yahweh, or any other religious leader or morally conscious human being.

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Conway forgets that one actually needs a soul to have it looked into.

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That the senior White House Advisor to the president is trying to pull a non-judgemental card to play after her boss has done nothing but spread lies and fear while blaming others for his own gross moral trespasses would be hypocritical beyond belief — if unparalleled sanctimonious duplicity were not the trademark of this entire administration.

At least Conway is an ecumenical communications assault weapon for Trump.

After slamming the Episcopal bishop of Washington D.C., she went on to attack every other religious leader who has expressed similar sentiments — likely including Washington Archbishop Wilton Gregory, the Catholic prelate of the nation’s capital, who said today of the visit by the president and his wife to a D.C. shrine honoring Pope John Paul II:

“I find it baffling and reprehensible that any Catholic facility would allow itself to be so egregiously misused and manipulated in a fashion that violates our religious principles, which call us to defend the rights of all people, even those with whom we might disagree.”

Despite being raised Catholic herself, Conway chose to continue to defend the president rather than take moral advice from an actual religious leader. She repeated the comments that she had made on Fox News earlier in the day in a striking reversal of the charges of who exactly was politicizing religion and faith in this cynical instance.

This much is certain. If there is a heaven and a St. Peter waiting at the gates to assign souls their rightful place — either in the firmament or the firey pit below — when the members of the Trump administration arrive before him, we can expect the heavenly version of the Nuremberg trials.

If they’re smart they’ll insist on being buried in asbestos suits, given the likely outcome.

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Original reporting by Zoë Richards at TalkingPointsMemo.

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