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Profiles in cowardice: Senate Republicans refuse to address Trump’s cops teargassing clergy for photo-op

Profiles in cowardice: Senate Republicans refuse to address Trump’s cops teargassing clergy for photo-op

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Last night, the United States was treated to the appalling sight of riot police and National Guardsmen teargassing not just a crowd of peaceful protesters but also clergy members and volunteers at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Lafayette Square.

This oppressive display of state-sanctioned violence that would rightly draw the criticism of the State Department if it had occurred in another country was all to set up a cheap photo-op for the President, who said some trite words and awkwardly waved around a Bible like it was uncomfortable for him to hold.

Trump’s stunt immediately provoked widespread outrage from prominent religious figures and media personalities, who were aghast at the use of violence on church grounds and the abuse of the Holy Book as a cynical political prop.

Add your name to tell states and police to reject Trump’s calls to use violence against peaceful protestors!

But when his Republican enablers in the United States Senate were asked to comment on the atrocious incident, the gutless lickspittles have largely refused to comment.

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Though it’s been evident for decades, the monstrous excesses and abuses of the Donald Trump administration really done a magnificent job of exposing just how modern Republicanism is nothing but a rickety wall of meaningless hyperpatriotism, performative religiosity, barely disguised bigotry and an ersatz set of “values” designed to inflame our most base and primal instincts.

That wall exists to keep the public from seeing the puppetmasters of capital manipulating the strings as its political servants in the Republican Party place a stranglehold on progress, sending bill after bill after bill to what has become Mitch McConnell’s legislative mass grave while every one of Trump’s moral outrages and illegal actions goes unpunished.

The Republican Senators have made it clear there is nothing that Trump and his goons could do to earn their criticism; he could have had the cops take out the eyes of the rector with rubber bullets and they still would have blamed her for protesting in the first place. Nothing they ever say or do should ever be taken seriously or given the benefit of the doubt again; they should be treated with the same disdain and disgust that they treat the Democrats and run out of town as soon as legally possible.

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