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Milwaukee police spark mockery after claiming a a water purifier was a “Molotov cocktail”

Milwaukee police spark mockery after claiming a a water purifier was a “Molotov cocktail”

As police forces across the country unleash a wave of brutality and oppression against peaceful protesters marching for justice after yet another horrifying police murder, so too has the desperate lengths to which they have gone to play the victim.

An illustrative example of this is the following tweet from the Milwaukee police department, which posted this image of a “Molotov cocktail” to their Twitter account and claimed that it was “thrown” at police officers but did not ignite.

Of course, it couldn’t have, because Molotov cocktails are ignited before they are thrown, and also because this is clearly a water purifier.

Another obvious false flag incident was shared by the New York City police commissioner, who claimed that “organized looters” were strategically placing caches of “bricks and rocks” to be used by the antifa hooligans who the President and the right-wing media have blamed for vandalism across the country.

However, VICE News did some digging and discovered that the video “was taken on a street corner in Gravesend, a part of South Brooklyn where no protests, looting or rioting actually occurred. Interviews with both workers in the area and location data from both Snapchat and Instagram show there were no protests anywhere near that corner.”

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These laughable pieces of propaganda are just individual glimpses into the outrageous and appalling lengths that America’s police forces will go to excuse and justify their behavior.

If anyone is responsible for provoking violence in this country, it’s the cops, who have been filmed committing hundreds if not thousands of acts of vindictive, nihilistic cruelty against people who are marching in protest of their vindictive, nihilistic cruelty — and against journalists, who they have been deliberately targeting.

Social media users reacted with ruthless mockery and derision:

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