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Trump smears protesters with racist tropes then claims he’s done more for Blacks than Joe Biden

Trump smears protesters with racist tropes then claims he’s done more for Blacks than Joe Biden

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On Wednesday morning, President Trump unleashed a bizarre and reprehensible series of mixed messages to America’s Black community, smearing them with appalling racist tropes commonly found in white nationalist rhetoric while claiming that he had done more for the Black community than any President since Lincoln.

In successive tweets, Trump besmirched the protesters who have been expressing their justified anger over the brutal murder of George Floyd as “killers, terrorists, arsonists, thugs, hoodlums, looters” that are “very bad for our country” and attacked the media for not holding them up as racist caricatures.

Just five minutes later, the president bragged that he had done more for Black Americans than any President in American history “and it’s not even close.”

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This is a statement that Trump has repeated several times over the past few days, as if it somehow nullifies all the appalling things he has said about black Americans and our nation’s first Black president, against whom he spearheaded the racist Birther conspiracy theory.

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On top of that, the notion is preposterous. While he sadly has a great deal of competition in America’s short but intensely racist history for “worst President for African Americans,” it’s safe to say that the man who praised murderous white supremacists as “very fine people,” whose deliberate neglect allowed the spread of a pandemic that hit Black Americans the hardest, and who rolled back all of the Obama-era’s regulations and guidelines aimed at reducing police brutality did not do much for Black Americans.

Utterly divorced from reality, the president’s words are nothing but a combination of dog-whistles to his rabid followers and balms for his own insecurities. He’s going to find out the hard way what the Black community really thinks about him this November.

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