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White House tweets and deletes claim that Jewish center security blocks are “antifa” weapons

White House tweets and deletes claim that Jewish center security blocks are “antifa” weapons

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The extent of the misinformation and outright deception being peddled on social media about the protests against the police murder of George Floyd is frightening, particularly when so much of it originates in the White House itself.

Writer and political consultant Arieh Kovler decided to put the Oval Office on notice that he was more than aware of the nature of their self-serving political propaganda and would show the world exactly how wrong and cynically manipulative one of their fear-inducing tricks truly is.

Kovler took the Trump administration to task for its seemingly purposeful labeling of security measures instituted by a Jewish community center to prevent attacks from right-wing extremist neo-Nazis as an arsenal of weapons stored by the fictional Antifa terrorists that the president is trying to hype up as the real danger to society rather than out of control rogue police officers.

The White House — so quick to post anything that supports Donald Trump’s purposeful lies about the anti-fascist group’s being the primary source of protest-related violence — saw Kovler’s post — and the others that confirmed that the cages of rubble were indeed security barriers for the community center — and quickly deleted their post, likely to prevent further embarrassment.

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Further proof came from other local residents.

Others posted this story along with other supposed caches of Antifa weapons that turned out to be merely stacks of building materials legitimately held by local business owners.

One Twitter user pointed out the ecumenical nature of the Trump administration’s offenses against religious groups just in the past week alone.

At least the move of the White House to delete this particular post demonstrates that the administration isn’t completely immune to facts, even if only when the price of their lies is more embarrassing than the truth.

The nation should offer our thanks to these independent fact-checkers on Twitter who help counter the narrative that Trump and his cronies are trying to shove down our throats. Not only is that narrative totally lacking in nutritious truthfulness, but it also tastes like the B.S. that it is.

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Original reporting by Sky Palma at RawStory.

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