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Video shows Indianapolis viciously beating unarmed woman protester with batons

Video shows Indianapolis viciously beating unarmed woman protester with batons

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Anyone who still doubts that there is a serious police brutality problem in this country need only take a cursory glance through the mountains of footage to hit Twitter over the past few days to see the grim truth of the matter.

For close to a week now, Americans have been gathering in cities across the country to protest the broad daylight murder of George Floyd by law enforcement, and all too often these protestors been met with horrifying displays of state violence. The police have been regularly tear-gassing and beating them, firing rubber bullets that shred through flesh and have even taken to ramming people with vehicles.

President Trump has contributed to this dangerous atmosphere by urging police to “dominate” the streets and has shown no interest in deescalating the situation or listening to the reasonable demands of the protestors. Each day that the White House fails to demonstrate proper leadership, more disturbing clips of police behavior emerge.

Add your name to tell states and police to reject Trump’s calls to use violence against peaceful protestors!

Greg Doucette, an attorney and #NeverTrump conservative, has been compiling a running Twitter thread of police videos from the protests. One that has been catching the eye of many viewers shows a squad of police officers in Indianapolis, Indiana brutally assaulting a woman for trying to slip away from one of the cops.

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The woman was unarmed and clearly posed no threat to the much larger male officers attacking her, but that didn’t stop them from unleashing their full strength on her as they utilized firearm projectiles and batons to subdue her.

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It’s an incredibly difficult watch and a staggering abuse of force. These officers must be held accountable. These men and women we entrust with enforcing the law are supposed to serve and protect, not terrorize. The badge pinned to their chests doesn’t give them the right to assault citizens on a whim.

As more and more videos like this emerge, Occupy Democrats will endeavor to share and amplify them, so that readers will have an unvarnished look at what is really going on in their country right now.

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