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Trump muddles through roundtable about lobsters from Maine and Canada: “Are they the same lobster?

Trump muddles through roundtable about lobsters from Maine and Canada: “Are they the same lobster?

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As the United States continues its descent into chaos, with protestors across the country being assaulted, tear-gassed, and arrested on a daily basis by out-of-control police forces, the president is asleep at the wheel. When he’s not inciting law enforcement to greater acts of violence by telling them to “dominate” the streets, he’s flitting away his time on inane grievances, Twitter feuds, and truly pathetic brags about his imagined accomplishments.

Today saw Trump’s claiming that George Floyd might be “looking down” at him happily as well as his launching of a truly deranged Twitter attack on the mayor of D.C.

Eventually, the president made time to visit Maine where, soon after arriving, he barreled into one of his trademark, bad faith, partisan attacks on Governor Janet Mills. Without a trace of irony, the president who has been terrorizing American streets with overuse of force by police and National Guardsmen said Mills is like a “dictator” who will “destroy” Maine.

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The ludicrous criticisms were aimed at Mills’s decision to keep some businesses closed over fears of COVID-19 which—despite the fact that it’s getting less coverage because of the Floyd protests—is just as deadly, contagious, and lacking a vaccine as it was before.

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Trump also signed an order that will reopen approximately 5,000 square miles of water to Maine fishing. The region was previously closed off by President Obama, who made the region a national marine monument. By reopening, Trump can indulge in two of his favorite things: sacrificing the environment for profit and undoing part of the first Black president’s legacy.

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The event also gave Trump an opportunity to do the one thing he’s good at: showcasing his own ignorance. He took part in a roundtable discussion with Maine fishermen and the state’s former Republican governor. While discussing the tariffs levied on American lobster exports by some foreign countries, Trump was informed that Canada and Maine fish lobster from the same body of water but the lobsters are treated differently since they’re harvested by different countries. The president seemed confused by the concept.

“Are they the same lobster would you say basically? Would you say they’re equivalent as lobster? Is there a difference in size or type? Any difference? It’s the same lobster,” said Trump, seemingly unable to easily comprehend the idea.
In the broad scheme of things, it was a relatively harmless moment but it did serve as a reminder that our president is a clueless manchild who should never have been entrusted with running the most powerful country on Earth.

Watch the bewildering exchange below.

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