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Trump threatens to send in ominous “different group” over D.C. mayor’s treatment of National Guard

Trump threatens to send in ominous “different group” over D.C. mayor’s treatment of National Guard

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The George Floyd protests continue to dominate our national conversation as do the daily and seemingly endless incidents of police brutality being inflicted on peaceful demonstrators. The American people are crying out that our law enforcement organizations are in desperate need of reform to curb their violent tendencies and those very same organizations are responding with tear gas, rubber bullets, and vehicular batteries.

Now, more than ever the country needs Donald Trump to dig deep inside himself and scrounge up some scrap of leadership that he has hitherto proven unable to muster. Instead, we see a president pushing police to “dominate” the streets, a president who ordered police to tear gas peaceful protestors and members of the clergy so that he could take a leisurely stroll to a church photo op. At the same time, he’s constantly looking for someone other than himself to blame for these crises.

Today, Trump launched a Twitter attack against Washington D.C.’s Mayor Bowser (D) calling her “incompetent,” an interesting choice since it’s the word more and more Americans are using to describe his presidency.

The president said that Bowser’s city budget is “totally out of control” and claimed she keeps looking for “handouts,” an incredibly hypocritical line of attack considering his own administration has skyrocketed the national deficit and given massive tax cuts to the super-rich.

Trump then pivoted from his boilerplate attacks to zero in on Bowser’s refusal to pay for the hotel lodgings of National Guard service members deployed in D.C. because the costs were quickly piling up. The decision was a reasonable one and shows the mayor is more interested in serving the people of her city than indulging in Trump’s authoritarian pageantries.

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The president’s tweets theme took a bizarre and ominous turn as, after ludicrously stating that the National Guard spared Mayor Bowser from “great embarrassment,” he threatened to send in a “different group of men and women” unless Bowser treats the Guard “well.”

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He didn’t clarify what “different group” he was referring to but it could be reasonably interpreted as a threat to send the full U.S. military into D.C. to assert President Trump’s will. His decision to keep it vague allows him plausible deniability on this front but also allows his paranoid MAGA acolytes to read whatever they want into the tweet and project their warped idea of strength onto it.

It’s never been more clear: Trump has to go.

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