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“Very unfair”: Trump launches Sunday afternoon tweet barrage of excuses, attacks, and fake news

“Very unfair”: Trump launches Sunday afternoon tweet barrage of excuses, attacks, and fake news

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Are we bad people because we love to see Donald Trump squirm over the slowly spreading realization that he has a gnat’s chance in hell of winning the election in November, provided that it’s a free and fair process?

After frantically tweeting out endorsements left and right to GOP candidates around the nation this afternoon, the panicking president displayed his anxieties on Twitter for the world to see.

The progression of his tweets documents a very unstable non-genius quickly melting down publicly in a cry-baby tantrum louder than any two-year-old’s wail.

His new tweets — punctuated with retweets of earlier posts in a way that suggested that the president may think that if he allows too long go by without a post, the world around him just might collapse — started with a “Law & Order”-themed attack on his likely Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

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Hmm, perhaps because Biden — unlike Trump — actually understood why all these people were out in the streets — because police keep killing black folks? They were not protesting to complain about looting and destruction of property that — unlike the lives of police victims — can be easily replaced.

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After slamming his political enemy, Trump moved on to hitting one of his favorite media targets, The New York Times.

Leave it to Trump to distort the news completely.

James Bennet, the Opinion Editor at the newspaper of record, resigned not in support of the openly fascistic op-ed written by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) that called for the illegal and unconstitutional deployment of active-duty military units to quell civil disturbances around the nation, but out of shame over allowing it to be published to begin with.

After the Times published Cotton’s op-ed blowback was so fierce — from both the newspaper’s readership and its own employees — that the paper was forced to issue a statement disclaiming it.

After an internal review into how the piece was handled prior to its publication, a spokesperson for the newspaper announced that “This review made clear that a rushed editorial process led to the publication of an Op-Ed that did not meet our standards.”

Coming just hours after Bennet had defended his decision to publish Senator Cotton’s anti-American values screed, the rebuke indicated that the Opinion Editor wasn’t resigning out of principle as Trump suggests, but because his decision to allow it in the pages of the newspaper whose motto is “all the news that’s fit to print” emphasized the “all” rather than the “fit” in his editorial process.

How nice it was of the president to purposefully poll all the residents of Arkansas so quickly so he could accurately determine how proud they were of their Senator who is so eager to abandon democracy for fascism!

Or perhaps Trump’s take is a meta example of his own version of “Fake News?”

After a few stale retweets, including that old perennial “LAW & ORDER!”, Trump laid claim to an accomplishment that he had so little to do with.

As a wise man who actually did turn around an economy in collapse once said, “you didn’t build that!”

Show us the proof, baby, because we see no evidence at all of your claims, just a willingness to sacrifice people’s lives and health for the sake of the economy and your improbable re-election.

Naturally, after making such an obviously unsubstantiated boast, Trump’s next move was to look for excuses and scapegoats for his pitiful poll numbers.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t handle the consequences, Donnie.

While Trump may view the constant investigations of his allegedly illegal behavior as harassment and unfair, the majority of Americans, the ones who did not vote for him, see the Russia investigation — followed by the treasonously unsuccessful impeachment attempt made by  outraged Democrats — as a quest for justice and fairness in a system skewed by a crooked president and his groveling enablers.

Attacks on his enemies, fake news, lies, and excuses: just another day in Donald trump’s social media feed. The big question is: why hasn’t Twitter flagged his latest lies as such?

If they are serious about policing Trump’s tweets, they can’t let their team take off on Sundays. that’s one of the president’s most prolific social media days.

We’d all be better off if Twitter just banned him from the platform altogether, which, as a private, non-governmental company, is completely within their rights to do.

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