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Trump makes fun of Mitt Romney for saying “Black Lives Matter,” marching against racism

Trump makes fun of Mitt Romney for saying “Black Lives Matter,” marching against racism

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After two straight weeks of protests against police brutality and racism, President Trump still sees the national movement as just something to mock and make fun of, a display of weakness by do-gooders and bleeding heart liberals that shouldn’t be taken seriously.

That much was made obvious by his Monday morning decision to make fun of Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) for saying “Black Lives Matter” while marching on the White House with a religious group in support of Black Americans and against the kind of systematic racism that his party has worked so hard to entrench.

Trump sarcastically questioned Romney’s sincerity and mocked his “political talent,” jabbing the Senator about his “numbers” and implying that standing up against racism and opposing police brutality as a Republican was a politically unproductive thing to do.

Donald Trump is at his heart a cold and heartless narcissist who is entirely incapable of conceiving doing something for any reason other than for personal gain, which is why he sees Romney’s benevolent gesture as pandering and not a sincere act that likely stems from his deep-rooted religious beliefs and the sense of profound horror that any normal, non-psychotic human feels after watching one man choke the life out of another man on video.

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Romney is the first Republican Senator to say the words “Black Lives Matter” and to march with the protesters, which in and of itself is both a searing indictment of the now openly white nationalist Republican Party and a mark of how Romney is proving to be a bit of a trailblazer when it comes to the entirely unexplored territory of Republicans Doing The Right Thing.

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However, it’s important to not get overexcited here. Romney needs to back up his gesture with some real action in the Senate and we cannot fall into the habit of handing Republicans a cookie every time they do the very basic minimum that can be expected of our elected official. But in these troubled and uncertain times, his gesture is appreciated by a nation in turmoil.

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