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Trump throws insecure tantrum after new polls show him deep in the hole

Trump throws insecure tantrum after new polls show him deep in the hole

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President Trump is at his lowest point since taking office. Due to his gross incompetence, the novel coronavirus pandemic inflicted far more damage to the United States than it would have if proper measures had been taken to stem its spread. Over 2 million Americans have contracted COVID-19 and over 112,000 have died.

Simultaneously, we are witnessing a stunning wave of police brutality all across the country as the peaceful George Floyd protests have been met with tear gas, batons, and all manner of state violence.

Trump for his part has proven either incapable of or uninterested in providing anything that might even vaguely resemble leadership. Instead, he spends most of his time tweeting and insisting that he’s actually doing a great job as president.

This morning, the fantasy world Trump has constructed for himself and his MAGA acolytes was pierced by the release of a new CNN poll that shows his approval rating tanking. Rather than grapple with this reality and perhaps find a way to adjust course and improve his numbers, Trump simply dismissed the polls as “Fake.”

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Ridiculously, the man who has worked methodically to dismantle the United States’ democratic institutions and destroy our global reputation over the past few years ended his tweet with a claim that “Dems would destroy America!” Clearly, Trump is managing to do that all by himself.

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He followed it up with a whiny tweet claiming that the “Lamestream Media” isn’t being fair to him because there isn’t enough coverage of last month’s job numbers. Of course, it makes sense that news outlets aren’t running wall-to-wall stories about job numbers with all of the crises currently unfolding.

Apparently unable to find any better uses for his time, the president shot out another tweet a few minutes later, this one congratulating himself on his approval rating within the Republican Party, which he claimed is at 99% but failed to specify which poll he was referring to. Like so many of his tweets, it was nothing more than a transparent effort to stroke his own ego.

This country is in desperate need of a leader right now and instead we’re saddled with a pathetic cyber bully incapable of thinking of anyone or anything other than himself. November can’t come soon enough.

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