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An ex-Kremlin-paid propagandist gave the TV report that fed Trump his elderly man “antifa” theory

An ex-Kremlin-paid propagandist gave the TV report that fed Trump his elderly man “antifa” theory

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Donald Trump loves to bash the “Fake News” media for pushing a narrative that he characterizes as false — mostly of because the mainstream media’s nasty habit of reporting facts that contradict the president’s own lies — it turns out, however, that one of Trump’s favorite sources for news that he trusts employs a reporter who also gets paid by Russian state-run media.

Christopher Miller, the Eastern European correspondent for BuzzFeed News, pointed out that strange coincidence today after Trump tweeted out accusations that Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old man who was pushed to the sidewalk by Buffalo, NY police, cracking open his head and putting him in the hospital in serious condition, was an Antifa activist.

Trump’s source for this evidence-free accusation? One America News Network (OANN).

Miller took a closer look at the Russian-accented reporter who filed the story that captured the president’s attention and discovered that he also works for Sputnik, formerly known as The Voice of Russia, a news agency and media platform established by the Russian government-owned news agency Rossiya Segodnya.

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Watching the report, it seems clear that the elderly Gugino is merely trying to capture images of the badges and identifying tattoos of the police officers surrounding the longtime peace activist, who was likely opposed to fascism long before the term “Antifa” was even coined.

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It’s bad enough that Trump seeks to shift focus from the inspiration for the massive demonstrations against police brutality and murders that have erupted across the country to false accusations against a shadowy bogeyman group with no formal leadership, agenda, or structure, but when the president of the United States starts taking his cues from proven Russian propagandists, our nation has reached a new nadir.

Is this who you want your president to be retweeting? If this doesn’t convince you that Trump is following strategic moves delivered to him straight from the Kremlin, how much of a smoking gun do you need?

Perhaps the missing translator’s notes from his conversations with Vladimir Putin will be the only thing that can convince you then.

Too bad Trump seized and likely destroyed those documents immediately after the conversation.

If the president had a functioning brain, he could easily have noted that local prosecutors in Buffalo have charged the two police officers involved in the incident shoving Gugino with felony Assault as CNN’s Jake Tapper pointed out.

If Trump is indeed taking his cues from Moscow, he is a traitorous slime who needs to be removed from office immediately.

If he arrived at his decisions independently from Putin, he is still a traitorous slime who needs to be removed from office immediately.

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