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Governor Cuomo publicly condemns Trump for accusing elderly man of being antifa provocateur

Governor Cuomo publicly condemns Trump for accusing elderly man of being antifa provocateur

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As Fox News‘ Chris Wallace pointed out on The View today, Donald Trump is not having a good week.

“I would say that the last week was a very bad week for the president in terms of politics, in terms of his potential reelection prospects,” Wallace said. “I mean when you’re getting called out by the Episcopal Bishop of Washington, and the archbishop of the Catholic Church of Washington, when you’re getting called out by everybody from Jim Mattis to former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mike Mullen, and even your own current Secretary of Defense Mark Esper breaks with you, that’s not a good week.”

Trump’s tweet this morning, questioning whether Martin Gugino — the 75-year-old man who was pushed to the sidewalk by Buffalo, NY police, cracking open his head and putting him in the hospital in serious condition — was an Antifa activist, did not improve the quality of the president’s week in the least.

The governor of the state where the police assault took place, Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) couldn’t help but remark on the insanity inherent in the president’s tweeted conspiracy theory, which seemed to originate from a reporter at OANN who was previously in the employ of Russian state-owned propaganda outlet Sputnik news.

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Governor Cuomo expanded upon the sentiments contained in his tweeted response to Trump’s baseless accusations in his daily press conference.

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“It is all made up,” Cuomo said. “It is all fabricated. There is no fact to any of it. He is accusing this man of being associated with Antifa, and no proof whatsoever.”

“You think that the blood coming out of his head was staged? Is that what you are saying?” he said. “You saw his head hit the pavement, and you see blood on the pavement. Maybe he fell harder than he was pushed. How reckless, how irresponsible, how mean, how crude. I mean, if there is ever a reprehensible dumb comment, and from the president of the united States. At this moment of anguish and anger, what does he do? Pours gasoline on the fire. If he ever feels a moment of decency, he should apologize for that tweet. Because it is wholly unacceptable. Not a piece of proof, totally personally disparaging, and in a moment where the man is still in the hospital. Show some decency. Show some humanity. Show some fairness. You are the president of the United States.”

Cuomo’s taking Trump to task for his substantially less-than-presidential behavior might be interpreted as a typical partisan attack with any other president or at any other time, but when video evidence is available for the entire world to see exactly what happened in the encounter and local prosecutors in Buffalo have taken the extraordinary step of charging the officers involved with assault, Cuomo’s comments seem to be less a matter of a Democrat governor attacking a Republican president than a judiciously sane person reacting the ravings of a lunatic madman.

You can watch Governor Cuomo’s daily press briefing in the video attached to the tweet below. His comments on Donald Trump’s “reprehensible dumb” tweet begin at around 10:40 into the video.

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