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Ted Cruz’s dunk on naked Chris Cuomo yoga pic backfires

Ted Cruz’s dunk on naked Chris Cuomo yoga pic backfires

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Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is one of the most cynical operators in American politics. He seems to believe in little more than his own imagined right to hold power and has demonstrated time and again a repulsive penchant for the worst kind of political pandering.

It was this fixation on maintaining GOP influence above all other concerns that defined his behavior in 2016. Even after Donald Trump implied that his wife was ugly, the kind of thing that would alienate any respectable person for life, Cruz ended up supporting Trump in 2016 and continues to serve as a staunch ally to our disastrous president.

The incident with his wife would reasonably make one expect that he would keep his nose firmly out of the business of other married couples, but Cruz has no shame.

In a yoga video recorded by the wife of CNN’s Chris Cuomo last month, the well-respected anchor can be seen outside in the background naked. The obvious mistakenly captured image was eventually noticed and the video ultimately deleted, but not before it went viral.

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Ted Cruz, demonstrating a degree of classlessness unbecoming of a U.S. senator but perfectly in keeping with the behavior of many Republican officials during the Trump gutter era retweeted the image with the caption: “It’s about time CNN embraced transparency.”

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The tweet racked up over 19,000 likes because clearly many Republican voters share a taste for crude political discourse. They also lap up any kind of insults or criticism aimed at what President Trump calls the “Fake News Media.”

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Cruz’s tweet takes on a rather hilarious level of irony when one recalls that his own Twitter account was caught in 2017 “liking” a hardcore pornographic tweet which, all things considered, is more embarrassing for an elected official than briefly being seen naked is for a television personality. Cruz’s office tried to blame the porn incident on a mistake by a staffer, but we maintain our suspicions about what actually happened.

In the case of Ted Cruz, the well-worn axiom proves especially true: people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Twitter users were quick to unload on Cruz with mockery.

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