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Trump flag-waving men in KKK hoods just tried to crash a BlackLivesMatter march in Nevada

Trump flag-waving men in KKK hoods just tried to crash a BlackLivesMatter march in Nevada

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You almost have to admire their nerve while you’re amazed at their crass stupidity.

Two white unidentified men in Fallon, Nevada decided that they wanted to join that town’s Black Lives Matter protest yesterday.

While that in and of itself would not be particularly remarkable, the garb that they wore and the banners that they decided to carry sent their appearance trending on social media today.

You see, like firefighters dousing a burning house with gasoline, the men thought it appropriate or even humorous to join the demonstration — which was already in the process of winding down — while wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods and brandishing Trump 2020 flags emblazoned with the slogan “No more bullshit,” a marketing phrase that seems particularly ironic when applied to a president who shovels bovine manure onto social media feeds at every available opportunity.

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It’s difficult enough to imagine anyone who would think that wearing hoods so emblematic of racism would be acceptable in private much less at a BLM protest. Perhaps they were simply trying to provoke the demonstrators who were heading home after making their public displays of anger and frustration over the systemic racism that has led to so many killings of unarmed African Americans at the hands of unaccountable police.

If they did want to try to start an altercation, the men were frustrated in their attempts, since all they got was outraged jeering and a stern discussion with local police who intervened and turned the men around before anything ugly could happen, as another video shot by a BLM protestor shows.

At least one local resident was grateful that the men turned up at their protest if only to prove to her skeptical neighbors that racism is indeed alive in well in their town.

Predictably deplorable right-wingers immediately accused the men dressed in Klan garb of being impersonators likely sent by Antifa or some other left-wing organization to create a false flag operation designed to harm Donald Trump’s chances at re-election.

There’s a reason the members of the Klan have historically donned white hoods. The white symbolizes the color of the skin hidden shamefully underneath the hoods, faces obscured to protect them from prosecution if they get observed committing violent and illegal acts like harassment or, at the extreme, lynchings.

It’s a cowardly move from people whose opinions are today so shameful that they even want to protect their identities when protesting publicly.

It’s a shame that they completely and totally deserve.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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