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Morning Joe unloads on cowardly Senate GOP for refusing to address Trump’s attacks on old man

Morning Joe unloads on cowardly Senate GOP for refusing to address Trump’s attacks on old man

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Donald Trump’s ludicrous tweet yesterday accusing a 75-year-old man — who had his head cracked open after Buffalo police shoved him to the pavement during a BLM protest last week — of being an Antifa activist continues to come back to haunt him and is now inspiring terror within members of his own party as they are forced to deal with the blowback against the out of control president.

MSNBC anchor Morning Joe Scarborough excoriated GOP legislators today for their efforts to ignore the president’s tweet and sweep it under the table rather than condemning Trump’s promulgation of an insane right-wing conspiracy theory.

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After playing a video montage of numerous Republican senators declining to comment on the scabrous presidential tweet, Scarborough condemned them for their cowardice in refusing to admonish the president for increasingly divisive behavior.

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“A lot of people look at those Republicans walking past, not saying a word, as somehow being helpful for the president,” Scarborough said.

The MSNBC host added that on the contrary, their silence is  “so damning” to Trump at a time when his language has become “even more inflammatory.”

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“For these Republicans, most importantly, since they obviously aren’t going to stand up for the rights of senior citizens who are getting brutalized by police officers and sent to the hospital in critical condition, since Mitch McConnell is not going to defend a senior citizen, and since every one of those Republicans aren’t going to defend a senior citizen, and, in fact, the president — who put that senior citizen’s life at risk by saying he’s part of Antifa, which he calls a ‘terrorist’ operation, which other members of Congress tweet out should be hunted down and killed — since they don’t care about that, every picture of one of those Republicans walking past the microphones not saying anything is damning to the Republican party.”

Not as if everything else the GOP has done or has advocated doing hasn’t contributed to sufficient evidence of eternal damnation already.

Willie Geist, a co-host on Morning Joe, added further to the indictment of Trump’s enablers and handlers with his account of how White House staff “tried to keep the president busy yesterday — the day, of course, of George Floyd’s funeral — and conveyed to him the quieter he could be, the better, out of respect for the Floyd family.”

“Joe, I don’t say this lightly, but that’s the way you talk about a young child,” Geist astutely pointed out.

Representatives of children’s advocacy organizations may bristle at the comparison — which many would find slanderous — but impulse control is not one of the qualities that this president is particularly known for.

Meanwhile, Martin Gugino, the 75-year-old Catholic protestor criminally assaulted by Buffalo police remains hospitalized with the injuries he sustained including a cracked skull and profuse bleeding from his ear.

“His condition continues to improve and we hope he will be released within the next two weeks,” said a spokesperson for Erie County Medical Center whereis  he was treated.

Gugino is conscious and responded to reporters seeking comment on the president’s tweet by replying yesterday:

“No comment other than Black lives matter. Just out of the ICU. Should recover eventually. Thx.”

Hopefully, American democracy will recover eventually as well, but likely not until Donald Trump is removed from the presidency by the quickest legal means possible.

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Original reporting by Lindsey Ellefson at Yahoo! News.

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