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Trump goes nuclear on Fox News for cutting away from footage he wanted to see: “Fox is lost!!!

Trump goes nuclear on Fox News for cutting away from footage he wanted to see: “Fox is lost!!!

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One of the stranger psychological disconnects in the MAGA-world is that between the perception amongst Trump’s followers that he’s a tough guy who embodies their traditional ideas of masculinity and his actual behavior and rhetoric. Trump whines more than any president in history. He has an incredibly pathetic victimhood complex that causes him to tweet like a petulant child all day long, and yet somehow Republicans still insist he’s a strong, no-nonsense leader.

Even his cowardly decision to flee to the presidential nuclear bunker amidst the peaceful protests outside the White House wasn’t enough to convince his diehard supporters that Trump is, in fact,  the opposite of everything he claims to be. For the rest of us, those not in denial, the president’s Twitter feed offers a daily reminder of who he really is.

Today, Trump took aim at Fox News, the right-wing propaganda outlet which regularly supports his worst decisions and boosts his most egregious lies but which he also abusively lashes out at whenever he disagrees with their coverage. He likes to keep a very tight leash on his crypto-state media.

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This time, the president was angry that Fox cut away from the Congressional Hearing on police reform prompted by the murder of George Floyd by law enforcement. Trump claimed that Fox stopped airing the hearing right before “important witness statements.”

“More like CNN!!! Fox is lost!!!” he shouted into the digital void, clearly trying to strongarm the network into cutting back to the hearing.

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As Mediaite points out, the testimony in question was that of Angela Underwood Jacobs, the sister of a Federal Protective Services Officer named David Underwood who died amidst rioting in Oakland, California last month. The death, while deeply tragic, would have almost certainly been exploited by Trump to keep pushing his false narrative that all of the protestors are violent anarchists and Antifa members.

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This president is only interested in a one-sided narrative. He has no desire to listen to the demands of the peaceful protestors or consider meaningful police reform. His strategy is to stand firmly on the side of police brutality, claim he’s a “law & order” president, and use that manufactured image to prop up his failing reelection campaign. It cannot be allowed to work.

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