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Video shows white woman racially profiling and blocking Black woman from the pool in her own apartment building

Video shows white woman racially profiling and blocking Black woman from the pool in her own apartment building

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Thanks to the advent of smartphones and social media, the small instances of racist aggressions that Black Americans have been subjected to for centuries are finally being displayed for the whole world to see — and it’s stunning to see the pettiness with which white Americans display their prejudice.

Three black women were stopped from entering an apartment pool by a white woman who automatically assumed that they weren’t allowed to be there — but let white swimmers pass by unimpeded and unquestioned.

Twitter user @Royaal_e posted the video of the encounter to Twitter, which clearly showed white people entering and exiting without a problem as the white woman in charge refusing to believe that the black woman lived there and tried to pull the “no guests allowed” card to deny her friends.

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“You don’t know everybody that lives here because I live here. Just because you don’t remember me doesn’t mean that I don’t live here. That’s very rude of you to just assume that I don’t live here!” says the Black woman.

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The white woman assumes that the Black woman hasn’t even done her paperwork and immediately gets schooled.  “I have done my paperwork,” the Black woman says. “I’ve been paying rent since March, so how [are] going to — you stopped me before I even got to the door to speak to anyone…I can’t believe I was racially profiled at the place where I live…I WAS! Because when a young black woman walks up trying to get in the pool you say residents only, and you don’t even know me!”

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The Black woman quickly collected the email and phone numbers to talk to the white lady’s supervisor.

While this incident of racism is not nearly as extreme as some of the others we’ve seen recently, it just goes to show how endemic this kind of behavior is among white folks and how viscerally they respond to the idea of black people sharing the same space as they do.

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