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Trump appears to threaten an invasion of Seattle if the protesters are not “stooped”

Trump appears to threaten an invasion of Seattle if the protesters are not “stooped”

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President Trump has spent the past twelve hours or so frantically railing against the “radical Left Democrats” and “domestic terrorists” who have “taken over” Seattle in the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests.

Right-wing media has finally caught up to the unprecedented events playing out in Seattle, where an area of about six blocks has been entirely occupied by protesters after the police abandoned the area’s police district and protesters flooded City Hall.

So was born the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), a police-free zone run entirely by organizers and protesters.

Early reports indicate the situation is pretty chill.

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Of course, if you consume your news entirely through hyperbolic white supremacist propaganda networks like President Trump was, you would think that rifle-toting terrorists have erected some kind of Max Max raider camp with death panels for landlords.

Add your name to tell states and police to reject Trump’s calls to use violence against peaceful protestors!

The increasingly insecure Donald Trump must have caught coverage of the events on last night’s episode of Tucker Carlson, because since then that’s all he’s wanted to tweet about.

Late last night, the President furiously demanded that Governor Inslee and the Mayor of Seattle “take back their city” and appeared to threaten to invade Seattle in order to “stoop” the “ugly Anarchists” by saying ominously that if you “don’t do it, I will.”

What that might actually entail is currently unclear, and it’s likely an empty threat from our nation’s laziest president — but the implication is loud and clear all the same.

This morning, he used the incident to take a shot a Joe Biden and claimed that Jay Inslee is looking like a “fool.”

The president is once again giving us a glimpse into his primitive, tiny brain which can only interpret things in terms of strong and not strong.

His authoritarian impulses are firing on all cylinders at the very concept of an authority vacuum, seeing it as an existential threat to his authority and his rapidly growing fear of losing that fear come November when we throw him out on his ass like protesters did Robert E. Lee’s statue last night.

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