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“You look like a Nazi…fat and ugly:” white woman goes on wild rant after Latina cashier asks her to wear mask

“You look like a Nazi…fat and ugly:” white woman goes on wild rant after Latina cashier asks her to wear mask

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As the issue of race and the behavior of white people remains squarely in the center of public discussion, more and more instances of white misbehavior and abuse are being recorded and shared with the world.

A Latina cashier in California was faced with a full-on racist meltdown for simply asking a white woman to wear a mask in her store. Jassel Aguirre was kind enough to let a traveler use the restroom in the Shell gas station where she worked, but found herself on the end of a demented rant after asking her to cover her mouth and help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“Do you know what freedom is? Are you from America? Are you an American or are you an illegal immigrant? Because you look like one. You also look like a Nazi, too. You’re trying to enforce supreme order over people and their natural rights to be free, Hitler. You’re nervous because you have no brains and don’t know what to say. That’s your defense mechanism is to laugh. You’re a fool. You’re fat and ugly and have a lame-ass job. F**k you” spat the hateful woman at Aguirre.

“While it was happening, I was just shocked that she was saying these hurtful things and when she went on talking about looking like an illegal immigrant, I was at a loss for words because that hit so close to home. The whole thing was just infuriating, that this is just one person, like so many others who say and do much worse because they feel they have that right. I was angry after the fact that I didn’t say or do more, but I also didn’t want to risk losing my job,” said Aguirre later on.

It is remarkable to watch the vitriol and the self-entitlement that too many white Americans exude whenever a person of color asks them to do anything — especially when contrasted with the way that people of color infuriate and threaten whites by simply existing in the same space as them. Nothing proves how alive and well white supremacy is in America than watching a white person behave this way at the most pedestrian of provocations.

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