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Trump babbles incoherently when asked what the protesters want, says they followed the “crowd”

Trump babbles incoherently when asked what the protesters want, says they followed the “crowd”

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Donald Trump is the worst person imaginable to be leading our country in these tumultuous times. The man who catapulted himself into the White House on a tide of white grievances and overt racism is now tasked with guiding the United States through a national conversation about police brutality and the unjust disproportionate targeting of people of color by our criminal justice system. So far, he has not just failed miserably, he’s actively made things worse.

The president’s call for law enforcement to “dominate” the streets went hand-in-hand with a shocking campaign of police brutality against lawful, peaceful protestors. As if that weren’t enough, he had demonstrators tear-gassed and attacked to clear a path for himself to visit a church for a photo op.

Perhaps worst of all, he openly fantasized about sending in the National Guard to shoot American civilians in Minneapolis, saying that “when the shooting starts, the looting starts.” He tried to explain away the chilling remarks in a new interview with Harris Faulkner of Fox News, but ended up making things worse by invoking infamously racist former Philadelphia police commissioner and mayor Frank Rizzo.

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But even that wasn’t the full extent of Trump’s odious comments during his conversation with Faulkner. At one point, he defended the use of chokeholds by police officers, a tactic that has been banned in many cities and which has resulted in numerous deaths. The comments were about as inappropriate as one could imagine in this current moment.

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The truly bewildering part of the interview came when Faulkner asked Trump what he thinks the George Floyd protestors want. The incredibly simple question could have been answered by just saying the protestors want reforms to stop police brutality. They have been very clear about that. What came out of the president’s mouth instead was completely incoherent.

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CNN’s Brian Stelter shared the transcript of Trump’s comments. At first, the president said that protestors have “different reasons.” Then he said that some protestors “weren’t able to say” why they were there.” Then he said some people were there because they were just “following the crowd.” Then he said it was because we all witnessed a “terrible thing.” On and on his brain bounced, unable to conjure up an actual answer as he ping-ponged from one idea to the next.

The remarks need to be read to be believed, even if they can’t be understood. The one thing that is clear is that Donald Trump is completely unfit to lead and needs to be voted out come November. We need a president with a functioning mind.

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