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Trump goes full-Nixon, falling back on appeal to a mythical “SILENT MAJORITY” in face of protests

Trump goes full-Nixon, falling back on appeal to a mythical “SILENT MAJORITY” in face of protests

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One can always count on Donald Trump to be oblivious to anything outside of his own desires and how those objectives color his perceptions of the events taking place around him.

As America enters its unprecedented third week of protests that were sparked by the police murder of George Floyd but widened by a nationwide revulsion at police brutality and the unequal treatment of our country’s justice system, Trump misses the point of the protests and the level of momentum they have gained as the sands of the national mood have shifted rapidly under his unsteady feet.

With a mind fixated on the so-called “silent majority” of the 1950s and 1960s, the president falls back on cold war tropes as he engages in increasingly desperate-sounding divisiveness in his daily tweeted nuggets of propaganda-like commentary.

Take his tweets this afternoon wherein he prioritizes the news about how a small section of Seattle has achieved a peaceful measure of citizen-controlled society without the oppressive presence of an abusive police force over the issues of justice inequities that inspired the protests to begin with.

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Trump blames the shibboleth of the “Radical Left” in the same breath as he condemns the “Fake News Media” for not covering the peaceful citizen-led occupation to his liking.

His paranoia is such that rather than realizing that a peaceful lack of conflict does not a compelling news story make, the president concocts a media-wide conspiracy to protect the Democratic leadership in the city and in Washington state.

Yes, the situation is easily fixed, but not with the unspoken threat of a police led-crackdown that this supposedly “Law  Order”-loving president seems to imply between the lines, but with his own resignation.

Trump apparently realized that he posted a tweet assigning blame on radical leftists and forgot to mention his favorite target for inducing fear among the more news-isolated members of his cult.

He quickly corrected any oversight by tweeting essentially the same message as his prior tweet minus the attack on the media but doubling down on his smearing of the Democratic party.

Interesting how this president, who was just weeks ago tweeting at angry, armed crowds upset about quarantine and mask regulations and the inability to obtain haircuts and massages to “LIBERATE” their states and advising governors and mayors to heed their citizens’ calls, suddenly gets cold feet when the people actually do take action to liberate the bonds of an oppressive and unresponsive police force from their backs.

Trump’s invocation of “hard working, tax paying citizens” seems to indicate that he thinks that everyone on the streets participating in the protests the past few weeks are unemployed freeloaders rather than concerned citizens fed up with the abuse and corruption of the Trump regime. While many may indeed now be unemployed, it is a much larger number than otherwise may have been if the president hadn’t squandered so much of the time that our country should have spent preparing for the pandemic and then subsequently horribly mismanaging the response to it.

Trump’s last tweet of the afternoon so far confirms his obsession with the Nixonian-phrase referring to a group of cultural conservatives that now largely reside exclusively in the recesses of the president’s own mind, if recent polling is to be believed.

Yeah, and they say that Mr. Clean is stronger than dirt too — without the all-caps shouting — but there is still plenty of dirt around, and we could only hope that Trump supporters would stay silent.

Trump has never had a majority of Americans supporting him at any point during his presidency.

He lost the popular vote in 2016 and was only elected due to small margins in a few swing states in an election marred by Russian interference that has cast doubt on what the real results would have been if the Kremlin had not dedicated an entire cyberwarfare team to help elect him.

The majority isn’t silent any longer. They are out in the streets demanding change while this president dwells in a repudiated past.

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