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Trump accuses the media of trying to “COVID shame” his rally with facts on how disease spreads

Trump accuses the media of trying to “COVID shame” his rally with facts on how disease spreads

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It’s always fairly amusing when the right-wing tries to appropriate woke language to serve their own wildly selfish and usually ridiculous purposes, as President Trump proved on Monday morning when he accused the media of trying to “COVID shame” him for planning an enormous 19,000 person hate rally in the middle of a pandemic.

Trump took to Twitter and complained that the “fake news media” had “no covid problem” during the recent protests over the brutal police murder of George Floyd (which is untrue) but is now trying to “COVID shame” him and his fans for holding rallies with their mewling concerns for public health — but don’t worry, all their pesky facts about disease transmission aren’t going to stop him one bit!


Trump must have heard about the warnings that were given on the Sunday news shows yesterday, and he did not like them.

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Boston University School of Medicine’s Dr. Nahid Bhadelia appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press and warned that a rally like Trump’s was a “perfect storm setup” for a COVID-19 resurgence. “The idea of tons of people, where one sick person can have an impact of generating secondary cases on this immense level, where it’s indoors, where there’s no ventilation. I would move it to the outdoors, I would reduce the number of people, I would introduce social distancing, and I would require everybody to wear a mask” said Bhadelia.

But if the president ever watched anything that wasn’t about himself, he would know that the University of Minnesota’s infectious disease expert Dr. Michael T. Osterholm joined FOX News Sunday and explained that many of the protesters were wearing masks and the protests all occurred outside, which limits the spread of disease — as opposed to packing 19,000 hooting and baying chuds into a stadium so Trump can brag about how all the stocks they don’t own are doing.

It goes without saying that it is absolutely insane to see the president complaining about the news telling him that holding rallies in a pandemic is reckless, but that’s just the world we live in…until November, that is.

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