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Trump appears to get caught tweeting and ignoring governors during important meeting

Trump appears to get caught tweeting and ignoring governors during important meeting

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There are a lot of traits you’d want in a President of the United States, traits that permit you to entrust him or her with the nuclear button and control of the most powerful military in the history of the world without having to worry about their ability to handle such great responsibility. An attention span so short a hamster on methamphetamines could put it to shame is decidedly not one of those traits and yet here we are, with Donald Trump as our president.

Trump’s unwillingness to read, his complete disregard for nuance and fact, his meandering rhetorical style, and his inability to focus on anything other than himself for extended periods of time make him uniquely unfit to be a president. A man who spends the lion’s share of his day tweeting out petty insults and complaints like a teenager should not be the final decision maker on policies that affect not just the fate of the United States, but the entire world. Sometimes, we’re given a particularly sharp reminder of his fact.

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Today, Trump met with Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts today to discuss plans to reopen small businesses hit by the COVID-19 shutdown. It’s the kind of topic that this president gives a lot of lip service to caring deeply about. His is such a deeply failed presidency with so few accomplishments that rather than touting past successes he’s been reduced to promising quixotic future successes, an imagined economic resurgence being chief among them.

With that in mind, one might expect even someone as scatterbrained as Trump to pay attention during today’s roundtable. Instead, a video has emerged that appears to show him completely ignoring the people in the room, head tilted down towards his phone as he pens one of his inane tweets. The clip is striking in that we know he tweets every day, we see what he writes, but we rarely if ever see him in the act of actually doing it.

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Check out the embarrassing moment below and be sure to help vote this buffoon out in November.

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