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Trump erupts at FOX News after their new poll shows him losing election by 12 points

Trump erupts at FOX News after their new poll shows him losing election by 12 points

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While 2016 taught us all the hard way that nothing can be taken for granted, at this point in time it certainly looks like Donald Trump’s re-election effort is in deep, deep trouble. As the number of people filing for unemployment reaches a staggering 45 million people, the economy slides deeper into recession while anti-police brutality protests continue to rock the nation — and on top of that, hundreds are still dying every day from the coronavirus.

But President Donald Trump has shown remarkably little interest in dealing with any of these myriad crises; his efforts to deny that the coronavirus crisis was happening at all and subsequent mismanagement has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths while he and his Republican allies refuse to lift a finger to help the tens of millions of Americans in need. While the protests rage, Trump seems content to antagonize them and smear the marchers are “antifa” agitators and triple-down on his unwavering support for America’s out-of-control police forces. When given a chance to address the nation in interviews, the president is more concerned with explaining why he had trouble walking down a slippery ramp than doing anything to soothe racial tensions in our country.

Which is probably why his polling numbers are in the gutter and don’t look like they’ll improve any time soon.

But rather than acknowledge his complete failure of leadership and appalling mismanagement of this nation, Trump instead has decided that he’d rather scream “FAKE POLL!”

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Add your name to tell states and police to reject Trump’s calls to use violence against peaceful protestors!

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Trump can say the polls are fake and that FOX News is suddenly a liberal network all he wants, but no amount of tweeting is going to erase the horrid memory of the past four interminable years from the minds of the American people. Watch what happens indeed.

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