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Trump’s press secretary crashes and burns when asked why Trump keeps hiring “dumb as a rock, whacko, incompetent” people

Trump’s press secretary crashes and burns when asked why Trump keeps hiring “dumb as a rock, whacko, incompetent” people

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President Trump is infamous for claiming that he always hires “the best people,” despite having fired or forced resignations or otherwise alienated almost every notable person to join his cabinet. The Trump team alumns almost inevitably publish some kind of tell-all book about the outrageous goings-on behind the scenes in the dysfunctional and chaotic Trump White House or publicly trash him in the media, which leads to Trump publicly disparaging them in return.

His latest public beef involves perenially disgraced war criminal John Bolton, who served in the White House as the National Security Advisor and has now published a book alleging the president committed impeachable offenses and a host of other heinous accusations. In response, Trump called him “dumb,” “whacko,” and a “sick puppy” in a string of angry tweets.

NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander asked White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany about why the president keeps on hiring “dumb, incompetent whackos,” to which Kayleigh gave the absolutely ludicrous excuse that Trump wanted to build a “cabinet of rivals like Lincoln.”

The idea that the proudly illiterate Trump knows anything about President Abraham Lincoln’s cabinet is laughable in and of itself, as is the notion that the collection of leering oligarchs, reality TV stars, neocon ghouls and halfwit fascist ideologues that he’s staffed his administration with have any kind of serious differences in opinion. After all, disagreeing with the president on literally anything is usually enough basis for firing in the Trump White House.

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But Alexander turned her response right back around on her: “It was obviously valuable, hiring a team of rivals, it’s worked well in the past, but then if you’re gonna hire rivals who are ‘dumb as a rock, overrated, way over their heads, whacko, and incompetent’?”

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