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Trump goes full alt-right ahead of his rally, retweeting Breitbart articles and a not so-veiled threat

Trump goes full alt-right ahead of his rally, retweeting Breitbart articles and a not so-veiled threat

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Donald Trump has stopped even pretending that he is anything other an extremist troll of the far-right variety.

While the president has been know to traffic in conspiracy theories and outright lies that he’s gleaned from the most despicable corners of the alternative media ecosystem of the right-wing cheerleaders for his drive for fascist control of our nation, Trump today — on a day when he is bringing together his followers, cheekily dubbed “Branch Covidians” by wags on social media, for a deadly rally in the midst of pandemic like lambs to a slaughter — went on a bender retweeting articles from Breitbart News, one of the most odious of the propaganda purveyors that he likes to promote in his championing of “alternative facts.”

The first was an article claiming that Trump’s Justice Department would destroy the constitutional order by ignoring the Supreme Court ruling earlier this week that affirmed the rights of the LGBTQ community in matters of gender discrimination in employment.

One would think that Trump nows sees himself as unimpeachable, having been acquitted by a servile and complicit Republican-controlled Senate of charges that clearly rose to the level of the “high crimes and misdemeanors” that our founding fathers envisioned worthy of expelling a president from office.

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Trump is proving that the “broken windows” theory of policing — the concept that failure to prosecute one crime invariably leads to the brazen commission of subsequent offenses — is true in his case.

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Having gotten off scot-free after his quid pro quo scandal with Ukraine, Trump now feels free to simply reject the separation of powers established by the U.S. Constitution without fear of impeachment, knowing that his now-panicked GOP enablers will do nothing to stop him.

Of course, it wouldn’t be truly offensive right-wing propaganda without an attack on Breitbart’s favorite bogeyman George Soros, so Trump naturally retweeted an article from the extremist news site attributing a Soros-affiliated group with being the masterminds behind the “defund the police” movement currently sweeping across America in reaction to the spate of unwarranted murders of unarmed black citizens.

Add your name to tell states and police to reject Trump’s calls to use violence against peaceful protestors!

Perhaps the most despicable post that Trump retweeted from Breitbart will be one that he may later come to regret once the inevitable lawsuits from those infected with COVID-19 by one of his rally attendees are filed since they show how actively the president has tried to downplay the risks of the pandemic to his supporters despite requiring them to sign liability waivers in order to attend.

In about two weeks, we’ll see just who the idiots were as the Trump ralliers pass the incubation period for the virus and should start showing symptoms.

As for the guy in the bar telling lies, if you don’t realize by now that it is Trump himself who fits that description, go ahead and head on down to the rally, because you are too far gone for redemption at this point. Perhaps a few weeks of gasping for air is the only thing that may change your mind.

Having exhausted both his original thoughts and those likeminded expressions of deplorability that he found on Breitbart, the president began to simply retweet his previous passel of propaganda, ending with his violent threats giant any protestors who may decide to turn up at tonight’s rally.

Given the political polarization that Trump has successfully exacerbated in our nation, tight could turn onto a volatile situation. Stay tuned for a wild evening.

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