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Andrew Cuomo joins in chorus of mockery after Trump scaremongers about mail-in voter fraud

Andrew Cuomo joins in chorus of mockery after Trump scaremongers about mail-in voter fraud

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Donald Trump is losing his re-election bid and he knows it.

If his thinly attended campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday didn’t make that explicitly clear, the steadily dropping numbers from multiple pollsters brand Trump right on the forehead with a big capital “L” for “loser.”

The stench of an impending landslide loss is likely behind the president’s desperation-filled tweets attacking the prospect of massive numbers of Americans exercising their rights to vote by using mail-in ballots — a move many feel is necessary with the danger of contracting COVID-19 lurking around any gathering of people in a confined space like a polling place.

This morning, Trump sent out three separate tweets railing against the use of mail-in ballots as a procedure rife with fraud — an accusation ungrounded in any actual evidence and seen by his critics as an admission that the president fears that the more people who are allowed to vote, the bigger his margin of defeat will be.

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While most candidates at least wait until the election is held before petulantly declaring that they lost because the voting was rigged, Trump seems so convinced that he is going to lose the popular vote for the second time that he is declaring that the election will be invalid before even a single vote is cast.

This is the mark of both a budding fascist authoritarian and a deceptive and desperate loser.

New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo called out the president’s strategy as a “setup” for an eventual effort to discredit the results of an election that the president now knows that he can’t win by legitimate means after the miasma of missteps his administration has chosen to take in confronting the coronavirus pandemic and its resulting economic meltdown.

He gave his assessment of the mail-in voting controversy being hyped by Trump in a video posted to Twitter by The Hill.

Governor Cuomo rightly points out that the technological infrastructure exists in this nation to ensure that mail-in balloting is as secure as the ability to use a credit card over the internet, while Trump — despite his calls to “make America great again” — seems to lack confidence in the ability of our nation to accomplish the fairly pedestrian task of managing an election fairly.

The president also seems to doubt the basic honesty of the American people, not surprisingly given that his view of human nature is filtered through his own felonious impulses.

Cuomo is likely correct in analyzing the president’s banshee wail warning of the supposed inherently fraudulent nature of the mail-in voting process as laying the groundwork for a refusal to accept the impending reality of his defeat.

That is why nothing but an overwhelming landslide victory for the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden will suffice in November. The voters must deliver a massive repudiation to Trump and the Republican party that will make the president’s sore loser laments seem like the pitiful bleating of a thoroughly defeated and discredited pathetic vanquished opponent.

Make it happen people!

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