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Trump hat-wearing white woman shouts out the KKK in wild tirade at BLM protesters

Trump hat-wearing white woman shouts out the KKK in wild tirade at BLM protesters

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The loyalty of white southerners to the flag of the lost cause of the Confederacy over 150 years after that flag was trampled in defeat by Union armies remains one of the more puzzling cultural artifacts of America’s Civil War.

The fact that the rebel battle flag remains in a portion of the Mississippi state flag and can create such uproar when it is banned by NASCAR at its races that the one black driver on the circuit who instigated the ban finds a noose placed in his garage proves that some people have a greater loyalty to the Stars and Bars symbolic of racial hatred and support of the slavery-infused history of the Confederacy than to the Stars and Stripes of the flag of the states that are considerably less than United since the election of Donald Trump.

The kind of dedication to the Confederate flag that defies logic, morality, and intelligence was on full display in Branson, Missouri, one of the northernmost of the former slaveholding states, this weekend when a flag brandishing Trump supporter used the banner to demonstrate her contempt for BLM protestors marching for an end to police brutality outside of Dixie Outfitters, a Confederate-themed souvenir shop.

In a perfect example of how the legacy of racial hatred is passed down through the generations among some southern families, the woman in the online video declared to the protestors that “I will teach my grandkids to hate you all!” before using a rebel banner to dance around in the back of her pickup truck in an act of standing defiance to the concepts of equal rights and racial justice.

You can watch her shameful display of ignorant animosity in the video attached to the tweet below.

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Given the consequences that open displays of racism have had on numerous counter-protestors who have lost their livelihoods after public outcry over their open public displays of ethnic animosity, one can only assume that the woman in the video is either self-employed or unemployed, so little thought she appears to give to any repercussions of her hateful actions.

Otherwise, online doxxers are already likely searching for her identity to heap the appropriate scorn upon her shameful behavior and ensure that her racist actions face the fitting consequences.

While the woman deserves any scorn thrown her way, one must pity any of her offspring who will be absorbing her lessons of divisiveness and discrimination and seeding them for future generations.

This is a legacy that must be put to an end once and for all right now.

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Original reporting by Brad Reed at RawStory.

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