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Witnessess accuse Colombus Police of macing double amputee, stealing their prosthetic legs

Witnessess accuse Colombus Police of macing double amputee, stealing their prosthetic legs

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The viral Twitter thread containing video and images of police brutality against Black Lives Matter protesters over the past two weeks has reached nearly 600 entries, but America’s distributors of state violence still appear to reach new lows in cruelty and vindictiveness with each passing week.

Witnesses from Colombus, Ohio, are alleging that the CPD maced a double amputee and then stole his prosthetic legs, forcing protesters to seize them back while the protester was forced to crawl on his hands and knees for medical attention. While there is no footage of the leg theft itself, Lauren McCubbin, a professor at the Columbus College of Art & Design, said her husband saw the police commit the acts.

Other videos from the protests in Colombus show the police double-wielding pepper spray five days after Mayor Ginter declared that “no longer would pepper-spray be used to break up peaceful protests.” One particularly graphic clip shows a street medic being dragged and thrown to the ground by police.

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Such brutality is unfortunately a common sight these days, as police respond to public demands for accountability with an intensification of their personal persecution complexes and with begrudging violence against the people they ostensibly swore to protect.

If these allegations are true, they are just more evidence that the police are as unreformable and unwilling to change as the protesters allege they are.

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