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Trump rages that Fauci has better “ratings” while complaining he gets no credit for virus response

Trump rages that Fauci has better “ratings” while complaining he gets no credit for virus response

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It’s personal, Donald.

As the president took to Twitter to complain that he doesn’t understand why the “Fake News” media doesn’t give him credit for the “great job on CoronaVirus,”  Trump projected his envy and befuddlement towards Dr. Anthony Fauci — the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a prominent member of the White House Cornoavirus Task Force — whose popularity remains extraordinarily high while Trump’s circles the toilet headed to the sewer.

The clearly delusional president blames the media while ignoring the fact that rather than even beginning to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control, coronavirus cases around the country continue to rise, with the U.S. now having more than twice the number of cases of any other country in the world, hardly the definition of “a great job.”

Trump goes on to gaslight his Twitter followers by citing his ban on travel from China, “Ventilator production, and Testing” — all of which was too late, too little, incomplete, and insufficient — as evidence of his effectiveness in fighting the pandemic, as if the over 120 thousand deaths in America were not the perfect example of is ineffectiveness.

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The president apparently failed to realize that while Dr. Fauci has consistently advocated science-based protective measures and solutions to prevent the spread of the disease to earn his 72% approval rating, he himself has been continually spreading misinformation about coronavirus from his early downplaying of its seriousness to his promotion of miracle cures that are later proven ineffective by scientists to his refusal to set a meaningful example of virus protection measures as evidenced by his refusal to wear a mask in public.

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The president may look for a scapegoat in the media for the disparity in his own popularity versus that of Dr. Fauci, but all he really needs to do to discover the origins of that disparity is look in the mirror, as painful a process as that may be.

If Trump were the least bit smart — delving into the realm of fantasy for a moment — he would realize that he has no chance of winning re-election and emulate the move President Lyndon Johnson made at the height of the unrest over the Vietnam War.

He could withdraw from the presidential race, and then follow Richard Nixon’s lead and resign from office. He could then hand the reigns over to Mike Pence who would inevitably pardon Trump for all of his federal crimes. Of course, Trump would still be vulnerable to prosecution at the state level, so he could quickly hop on a plane to Moscow, Beijing, Pyongyang, or one of the other countries with which the United States does not have an extradition treaty to live out the rest of his life in comfortable shame.

But enough of fantasy.

Until Trump realizes that the anger and disapproval directed his way is entirely personal and based on his venality, incompetence, and selfish narcissism, we’ll keep seeing tweets like the one above, likely on a daily basis.

Just ignore him until November, then vote his lard-assed butt out of office.

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