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Video footage shows “no suspicious activity” after LAPD cop claims he found a “tampon” in his drink

Video footage shows “no suspicious activity” after LAPD cop claims he found a “tampon” in his drink

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For the third time in barely two weeks, the nation is once again gripped with lurid police tales of victimization by way of fast food — and once again, the allegations by the cops don’t seem to hold up to scrutiny.

One day after the New York Post reported that the NYPD had entirely contrived their “poisoned milkshake attack,” an LAPD cop claimed that he had found a “used tampon” in his frappucino — and once again, the media took the story and ran with it without any evidence.

But almost immediately, this story begins to fall apart, because as women on social media immediately pointed out, that is almost certainly not a tampon.

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Some people conducted their own experiments and immediately disproved the theory:

More questions remain. The cop says he was off-duty, which means that he was in civilian clothes. Starbucks drinks are made in front of the customer, meaning that the worker would have had to be walking around with a used tampon in their pocket on the off-chance they served a cop. Cashiers don’t handle credit cards since coronavirus began, meaning on the off chance they saw the cop use his police union credit card on the opposite side of the counter, the cashier doesn’t have the window of time between payment and delivery of drink to allow someone to whip out their tampons and put them in the drink.

The good folks over at VICE’s Motherboard conducted an extremely strenuous and very scientific test to determine if the item is a tampon, which you can read here. While their results were hilarious and largely inconclusive, they did determine the object appears to be much larger than a regular tampon and “looks like it was sitting in a coffee cup for a week on someone’s dashboard.”

But given the information at hand — there being no proof that the object came from a barista at all — it is far more likely that the cops are lying and made it up, as they have previously done on multiple occasions. 

The Starbucks in question was inside a Target, and the store has already reviewed the video footage and — surprise! — found no suspicious behavior.

America’s cops nurse a victim complex almost as great as the one our President holds for himself, and have a bizarre obsession with victimizing themselves through fast food, like when a Kansas cop claimed that a McDonald’s employee had written “PIG” on his coffee cup and then later admitted that it was him, or the time a Florida cop accused a Burger King employee of putting “dirt” in his food when in fact it was just seasoning or the time an Indiana cop accused a McDonald’s employee of taking a bite out of his burger before admitting that he just forgot he’d already started eating it.

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The most recent event of this nature, last week’s “Shake Shack” drama, was revealed to have been entirely contrived by an NYPD police Sergeant, who wasted taxpayer dollars running a scam investigation into the mystery of the poisoned milkshakes which didn’t actually make anyone sick and just tasted weird.

Just like in the Shake Shack drama, the police union didn’t bother waiting for any evidence before crying that this was a “disgusting assault on a police officer.”

We do hope that whoever is responsible for this is publicly exposed and fired, especially if they turn out to be the police officer who wanted his ten minutes of Twitter fame.

At this point, it is completely irresponsible for any reporter to accept police statements as fact given that cops lie about everything, big or small, all the time.

Perhaps cops should just start packing their lunches from home if they’re so worried about being disgustingly assaulted by antifa baristas.

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