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Trump rally speaker earnestly says fictional “Aunt Jemima” was “picture of American dream”

Trump rally speaker earnestly says fictional “Aunt Jemima” was “picture of American dream”

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A crucial truth that must be recognized about the Republican Party in 2020 is that they have nothing to offer the American people. Over the past few decades, any principles the GOP may have once held have been hollowed out and replaced with one singular drive: helping the incredibly wealthy hold onto their ill-gotten gains. In order to achieve this goal as they abandon offering any material benefits to voters, they’ve been forced to lean more and more into their fabricated culture war talking points.

Republicans won’t help you, but they’ll convince you to worry about issues other than your own well-being. Don’t think about the Republicans passing a $1.5 trillion tax cut geared primarily towards helping the uber-rich, instead get riled up about racial equality, the LGBTQ community, or whatever else Fox News decides is suddenly an existential threat to the American Experiment.

The problem is that in order to feed this perpetually burning furnace of hatred they have to constantly be on the lookout for new issues to pretend to be angry about. The latest is Aunt Jemima.

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The popular maple syrup brand has decided to change their brand name and image after finally recognizing that the aesthetics are fundamentally racist. The original name and image are based on the “mammy” archetype, a Black woman eager to please and serve white masters.

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In 2020, with our nation’s growing awareness that the United States has deeply embedded racial problems that have long been ignored and must be rectified, there’s no excuse for the brand not making such needed changes. Conservatives are predictably incensed.

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At a Trump rally yesterday, a student advocate for our monstrous president went off on a tangent about Aunt Jemima, somehow managing to combine the Republican Party’s ignorance about race with its ignorance about history. She seems to think Aunt Jemima was real and embodied the “American Dream.”

“Aunt Jemima was canceled. And if you didn’t know, Nancy Green, the original, first Aunt Jemima, she was the picture of the American dream. She was a freed slave who went on to be the face of the pancake syrup that we love and we have in our pantries today,” said the woman.

Despite her comments, Aunt Jemima was not Nancy Green, Nancy Green was a Black woman hired to promote the syrup brand.

Enjoy the embarrassing performance below and remember: Don’t vote for Republicans and don’t buy into their bizarre, dishonest version of American history.

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