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Video shows white woman threatening to call cops on Black man for blowing leaves

Video shows white woman threatening to call cops on Black man for blowing leaves

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One would think that any minimally aware white woman would be considering their public words and actions quite carefully these days out of fear of being labeled a “Karen,” the name that has been generically applied to women whose recorded displays of entitlement are so outrageous that they immediately become viral shaming sensations.

Still, new examples of “Karen”-like behavior emerge just about every day, proving that cultural trends that go viral on social media often take much longer to filter into the consciousnesses of the average suburban housewife.

The latest incident of extreme entitlement was posted to Twitter without any specific identifying location, but it could have happened anywhere that gardening services use blowers to clean leaves and debris that sometimes land on adjoining properties.

Most people would accept the errant leaves falling on their property as not much different than what nature and a strong breeze would do on its own, but this particular woman decided that she needed to confront the black man who was operating the leaf blower and accuse him of deliberately desecrating her property — apparently, a wooded lot that naturally sheds a considerable amount of vegetative detritus on its own — leading to internet infamy that she’ll be living down for quite some time to come.

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Perhaps the woman is suffering from the effects of a long time in confinement in her home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and has seen her social skills, coping mechanisms, and patience deteriorate due to the lack of outside human contact.

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Perhaps she has been a frequent victim of illegal dumping on her property and lashed out at the first person she came across, even if he was merely blowing leaves to clean the street.

While one could imagine a multitude of reasons as to why this woman chose to freak out on this particular leaf blower, most people would agree that her method of dealing with the situation left much to be desired.

That’s why she gets our nomination as the “Karen” of the day today.

For those of you faced with a frustrating situation and thinking of expressing that frustration towards a stranger with a mobile phone camera, you may want to think twice about exactly how you respond or you may soon find yourself wearing a  virtual name-tag on social media — one that says “Hi, my name is Karen!”

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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