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Trump ominously predicts a “revolution” if Biden doesn’t finish his border wall

Trump ominously predicts a “revolution” if Biden doesn’t finish his border wall

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Donald Trump’s reelection prospects are looking increasingly grim for him and increasingly rosy for the future of our Republic. A recent New York Times/Sienna College poll found that former Vice President Joe Biden and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is leading Trump by an impressive 14 points. The anemic showing at Trump’s recent Tulsa rally was shocking to many used to seeing him pack stadiums in 2016. While a long stretch to election day still remains, it’s looking very possible that Trump might finally be ousted in November.

And really, what does Donald Trump have to run on at this point? The economy is in shambles in large part due to his administration’s incompetent response to the COVID-19 pandemic—which is worsening again. The United States’ global reputation is in tatters and the nation is more divided on racial issues than it has been in years. Amidst all it, Trump refuses or is unable to demonstrate any kind of real leadership and spends most of his time tweeting out petty insults and complaints.

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Desperate for some kind of traction with the electorate, the president visited Arizona on Tuesday and visited a stretch of his uncompleted, underfunded, and ultimately unnecessary border wall. He claimed that the asinine monument to wasted tax dollars “stopped COVID, it stopped everything.” Of course, the wall did not stop the coronavirus because the coronavirus has not been stopped.

Clearly, the president is trying to rekindle some of the xenophobia and racism that propelled him to victory in 2016 and touting his joke of a wall is a key piece in that strategy. In order to do so, he has to exaggerate the popularity of the program.

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During an interview with Fox 10 Phoenix, Trump was asked about the fact that Biden has not agreed to finish the wall if he wins the election. Mustering all of his fondness for absurd rhetoric, Trump claimed that there will be a “revolution” in this country if Biden refuses to complete the border construction.

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Ignoring the incredibly inappropriate implication of violence coming from an American president (since that’s nothing new for Trump) it’s frankly laughable that he wants to pretend that he has any idea what this country wants with how deeply unpopular his leadership has proven. We don’t need a wall and we definitely don’t need Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

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