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Trump spews wild race-baiting tweet in response to plan to paint BLM outside Trump Tower

Trump spews wild race-baiting tweet in response to plan to paint BLM outside Trump Tower

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Although much of the media seems to have lost interest in the historic George Floyd protests and moved on to new topics like cats chasing shiny objects, marches and anti-police brutality rallies are still being conducted in earnest in cities across the country. The medieval response rolled out by police in the early days of this civil unrest—a campaign of tear gas, rubber bullets, physical assault, and even vehicular ramming—did nothing but reinforce the notion that the United States needs meaningful, systemic reform of its law enforcement agencies.

For his part, President Trump has only managed to inflame tensions and make the entire situation worst. Rather than listen to the protestors and try to defuse the problem through mediation and negotiation he urged governors to “dominate” the streets. He himself had demonstrators tear-gassed and assaulted outside the White House just so he could take a stroll to a church for an inane photo op. Consistently, he has sided with police brutality and against the American people.

Add your name to tell states and police to reject Trump’s calls to use violence against peaceful protestors!

Given his broad support in white nationalist circles, it’s not surprising that Trump has also consistently attacked the Black Lives Matter movement. Today, he launched a Twitter attack on New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) over his plan to paint a Black Lives Matter sign outside Trump Tower on “the fabled & beautiful Fifth Avenue.”

Trump then claimed that “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry ‘Em like Bacon,” a call for “killing Police,” is the chant of BLM and that NYC police are furious at de Blasio. As usual, Trump is lying. While some protestors have been heard yelling this chant in the past, it’s not the official refrain of the peaceful BLM movement. The president is trying to smear an entire movement by pointing out some fringe elements. He is pathologically incapable of engaging with these issues honestly.

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“The president is a disgrace to the values we cherish in New York City. He can’t run or deny the reality we are facing, and any time he wants to set foot in the place he claims is his hometown, he should be reminded Black Lives Matter,” said a spokesperson for de Blasio when explaining the plan.

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By now it should be abundantly clear that no man is worse suited to lead our nation through this moment than Donald J. Trump. He is racist to his core and it’s time we vote in a leader who can confront the nation’s racial divide with compassion and nuance. In November, make sure you and everyone you know votes for Joe Biden.

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