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Trump throws a fit after FOX News isn’t nice enough to him in morning broadcast

Trump throws a fit after FOX News isn’t nice enough to him in morning broadcast

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Right on cue, the coronavirus crisis is once again exploding across the United States after Republican-run states failed to take the proper precautions and re-opened before it was safe, in complete defiance of health experts. Multiple states are recording thousands of new cases every day and the state of Texas just suspended elective surgeries in the biggest cities in order to make more hospital beds available for COVID-19 patients. 

With this crisis barreling back at full force, one would think the president would be preoccupied with deciding his next course of action to take in order to save American lives.

Not Donald Trump, who is clearly sticking to his regular schedule of getting furiously mad at the television for not being nice enough to him.

This morning’s outburst was directed at his former favorite cheerleaders, FOX News, for not being nice enough to him while discussing his disastrous photo-op at St. John’s Church at Lafayette Square, which was immediately preceded by the teargassing of peaceful protesters and a church rector to clear the way for him.

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His actual complaints are meaningless and almost certainly false; the important thing is his fixation with not being “defended.” As his polls slide into the tank with the economy and the coronavirus death toll, he has become increasingly obsessed with seeking affirmation everywhere he can. When he doesn’t get it, he lashes out in a rage.

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But by all means, Mr. President. Keep watching television. You’ll soon be able to watch all the television in the world after we kick you out of office this November.

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