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Giuliani floats wild conspiracy about a secret Rolex watch antifa treasury

Giuliani floats wild conspiracy about a secret Rolex watch antifa treasury

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The Republican Party as a collective institution refuses to deal honestly with the George Floyd Protests. Racist ideas and xenophobic policies are so deeply entrenched in the party apparatus that not even the recorded murder of a Black man at the hands of police and subsequent worldwide protests against police brutality can convince them to publicly consider the possibility that policing in this country is in need of reform.

Of course, the GOP can’t come out and say that they hear the protestors’ demands for racial justice but would rather not heed them. No, instead they have to smear the BLM movement and the Floyd protestors, accusing them of being everything from Antifa to communists to violent anarchists. Conspiracy theories abound in conservative media and many of them are coming directly from the White House. These fabricated narratives are often as nonsensical as they are deranged.

Rudy Giuliani, perhaps President Trump’s most fundamentally unhinged henchman, discussed the protests on his ironically titled “Common Sense” Youtube show. Channeling the paranoia that we’ve come to expect from him and which clearly indicates an unwell mind, he alleged that the demonstrations were “orchestrated” and could not have been “spontaneous.”

He invoked his past as a U.S. Attorney, a pathetic gambit given the fact that his service to Trump has shredded his credibility beyond repair. He may have once been a respected prosecutor, now he’s just another one of our goonish president’s shameless minions.

The clip took a turn for the truly bizarre when Giuliani brought up the debunked story that some $2.4 million in Rolex watches were looted in New York City but rioters.

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“Those are not Rolex watches that people are stealing for themselves,” Giuliani said of the heist that never actually occurred. “Those are Rolex watches that are going to be sold and go into the treasury of Antifa and Black Lives Matter and groups that pay for this, that pay to move people around, that pay to do research on ‘Hey let’s not do a stupid riot like we used to do in the past and go burn down, you know, the entire Black section of Detroit, the entire Black section of New York. In fact, there were little or no riots in those sections of our city,” said Giuliani.

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If these sound like the ramblings of an old man losing his grasp on the world, that’s because they are. Giuliani shouldn’t be exerting any power over our country at this point in his psychological and moral devolution, and the fact that Trump is employing him proves that neither should the president.

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