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Ivanka flooded with mockery after hypocritically touting her father’s “skills-based” hiring

Ivanka flooded with mockery after hypocritically touting her father’s “skills-based” hiring

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A lot of words probably immediately spring to mind when one thinks of First Daughter Ivanka Trump, but “skilled” is certainly not one of them. She is a woman who owes her prominent station in the world completely to nepotism. While she originally tried to market herself as a “moderating influence” in her father’s White House, it soon became clear that she was unwilling or unable to reign him in at all, choosing instead to remain silent as he attacked our democratic institutions and destroyed our national reputation. She is perhaps more polished and articulate than Donald Trump, but she is every bit as sinister.

Serving in Trump’s administration may have helped Ivanka build powerful connections and push her brands, but it has been an absolute nightmare for her reputation. She has quickly become one of the most reviled people in the country, largely because of how clearly unqualified she is to hold the power she does.

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Today, The White House Twitter account shared a propaganda video of Ivanka shilling for her father’s agenda. She started by saying straightfaced and without a trace of irony that Donald Trump, oligarch and con artist, has always been a “champion for the American worker.” She claimed that through his “Pledge for the American Workers” the president is focused on “skills training.”

Hilariously, she said he wants to “overhaul” how the federal government goes about hiring people so that there’s more focus on getting people with the “skill” to do their jobs properly. He should start by firing her, Jared Kushner, and then resigning himself if he actually has any interest in staffing the government with skilled people.

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Twitter couldn’t help but unleash a wave of mockery over the hypocrisy of the First Daughter’s message.

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