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Trump totally stumped when Hannity asks about his second term plans, rambles incoherently instead

Trump totally stumped when Hannity asks about his second term plans, rambles incoherently instead

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After a first term as disastrous as his, Donald Trump is going to have dig deep and get incredibly creative in order to offer up a pitch for his second term that might convince anyone outside his diehard core of supporters that he deserves to remain president.

Trump has no real accomplishments to run on and his resumé includes: a massive tax cut for the super-rich, the botching of the United States’ COVID-19 response, the near-total attenuation of our relationships with our international allies, the deepening of racial divides and tacit support for police brutality, and an economy that’s been reduced to ashes.

With such an uphill battle ahead of him in order to make the case for his reelection, one might expect that Trump would have his team hammering out a clear message for him to sell. Instead, he and his campaign appear every bit as disorganized as his administration. If there is some way to make a second Trump term sound appealing, they’ve yet to discover it.

Last night, Trump appeared on the embarrassingly sycophantic Sean Hannity’s Fox News program for an interview. At one point Hannity—one of the president’s most outspoken fans—asked Trump what Americans can expect from him if he secures a second term. The answer Trump gave was utterly incoherent, even by his subterranean low standards.

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First, Trump rambled on about experience and how it’s a “very important word,” perhaps talking around a claim that he himself now has the experience to be president without ever clearly articulating such an idea.

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He then switched to talking about how he never lived in Washington D.C. before and alluded to some “story” about he and First Lady Melania driving down Pennsylvania Avenue when he apparently said, “This is great.”

After bouncing nonsensically around a bit more, he admitted that “you make some mistakes” and attacked his former National Security Advisor John Bolton as an “idiot” for wanting to “drop bombs on everybody.” As usual, Trump failed to address the fact that it was he who hired this “idiot” in the first place. He takes no responsibility for his mistakes.

Watch the bewildering remarks below and then try to imagine the kind of person who could see and hear this and still decide to vote for Trump.

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