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Trump finally addresses Russian bounty payments for U.S. soldiers in Sunday AM tweet frenzy

Trump finally addresses Russian bounty payments for U.S. soldiers in Sunday AM tweet frenzy

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After spending Saturday golfing and posting wanted posters to his Twitter feed, Donald Trump finally addressed the most compelling and incriminating news story of the weekend through his social media posts this morning.

With Twitter being Trump’s preferred forum for attacking his critics and disseminating his own skewed perspective on the news media’s revelations of the misdeeds he’s committed and the failures he’s presided over, it was somewhat surprising that it took the president so long to respond to the bombshell news that had a large portion of the Twittersphere accusing him of treason and calling for him to suffer the appropriate penalty for that crime.

Predictably, Trump responded to the reports that he has known since March that U.S. intelligence agencies had concluded that Russia had offered a bounty to the Taliban in Afghanistan for every American soldier that they could kill with denials and accusations of “Fake News.”

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The president’s assertion that neither he nor his seniormost aides had been briefed on the “so-called attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by Russians” raises several significant questions.

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If the intelligence reports exist and are true, was Trump briefed and simply ignored the information?

If they exist and the president wasn’t briefed on them, why? Were the intelligence agencies too afraid to present Trump with information that they thought would induce a presidential tantrum? Or were they too distrustful of the man who snatched the notes from the interpreter’s hands at the end of his private meeting with Putin to prevent any record of the conversation from ever being accessible?

If, as Trump suggests, “everybody is denying it,” does he mean the intelligence agencies that reached the conclusion or does he mean that, like when the Russian president denied responsibility for interfering in the 2016 U.S. elections, Vladimir Putin had told him that he hadn’t offered any bounty and our president foolishly took him at his word again?

While anyone of the possible answers to these questions would be concerning enough, the outrage that they engender pales in comparison to that generated by the president’s offhanded and casual dismissal of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan as minimal.

Even one Taliban attack on American armed forces motivated by Russian lucre is too many in the eyes of most U.S. citizens, one imagines.

It’s unsurprising that the “I don’t take any responsibility” president immediately pivots to an attack on Joe Biden and former President Obama.

By now, every thoughtful American has incorporated the Trump secret decoder ring in their brains and can translate the president’s tweets by realizing that every attack on his opponents that they contain is actually a confession of his own worst sins.

Calling Biden corrupt is a sure sign of Trump’s guilt of that very accusation, as it was when the president still labeled his rival “sleepy” and when he attacks his opponent’s age and mental acuity.

Trump’s insistence that the story of his failure to address the intel on Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers is “another phony Times hit job” is a virtual assurance that the newspaper’s reports are in fact true.

That Trump is flummoxed by the polls showing that he’s heading for a resounding defeat in the November election as even formerly loyal members of his base begin to get a whiff of the stench of incompetence and failure surrounding his pandemic response was made obvious by his next two tweets, each of which was aimed squarely at his electoral opponent.

There is an obvious logical fallacy in simultaneously calling Obama and Biden weak on Russia while noting their expulsion of Russia from the G7 forum of global leaders, but Trump is counting on his supporters not being smart enough to notice it.

However, Trump’s real audacity comes with his credulity-straining attack on Biden in healthcare issues in the same week that his Justice Department filed suit in court to once again try to eliminate the Affordable Care Act with its protections for people with pre-existing conditions in the middle of a pandemic! This is a used car salesman sending you out on a test drive from the top of a hill in a shell of a car without an engine, steering wheel, or brakes.

Trump continued to push his fact-free vision of alternative reality and magical thinking in his next tweet which claimed that the mythical “silent majority” of the Richard Nixon era was still alive and was firmly committed to his re-election.

Forget the fact that poll after poll shows that the vast majority of Americans oppose Trump and his agenda and disapprove of his performance as president. After all, Trump’s supposed majority is silent and wouldn’t answer a pollster’s questions.

At least this tweet contains one true statement: “Nobody wants a Low IQ person in charge of our Country.”

Joe Biden, back to being called “Sleepy” in this tweet, has more intelligence in his pinky than Trump ever had in his entire body, even long ago when he was in what passed for his prime.

The man who was called a “moron” by his own Secretary of State, among other epithets of ignorance hurled his way by people who were forced to work with him, displays his own stupidity with his low-road attacks on his opponent.

It is one of the many reasons his poll numbers keep plummeting and that he will be defeated in spectacular fashion in November…if he lasts even that long before resigning his office and abandoning the race with a phony excuse to avoid a humiliating landslide loss.

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