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Trump trashes polling from major networks, says HIS polling is better in pitiful outburst

Trump trashes polling from major networks, says HIS polling is better in pitiful outburst

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Donald Trump is struggling to get his reelection bid on firm footing. Joe Biden is reliably trouncing him in the polls and the president seems unable to fill stadiums that he could have easily packed in 2016. His complete lack of meaningful accomplishments means he has nothing concrete to build his campaign around and his horrid handling of the COVID-19 pandemic is an albatross around his neck.

On top of those hurdles, the George Floyd protests have shown how deeply unsuited for this moment in history Donald Trump is. We need a leader who can unite us and work to mend the racial divides in this country but instead, we’re saddled with a man who glorifies police brutality and retweets videos with people shouting out “white power!”

For his part, Trump seems unable to grapple with his sinking reelection chances. Rather than seeing his terrible poll numbers and realizing that he should change his campaign strategy and adjust his rhetoric, he’s pretending nothing is wrong. Today, he tweeted out a claim that he actually has “VERY GOOD internal Polling Numbers.”

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Trump said that we are witnessing a repeat of 2016 and that The New York Times polls are “Fake!” while Fox News polls are a “JOKE!” When this president is attacking the conservative network that effectively serves as his own personal propaganda machine you know he’s floundering.

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“Do you think they will apologize to me & their subscribers AGAIN when I WIN? People want LAW, ORDER & SAFETY!” he ended the tweet, employing the weak talking points he’s been deploying for the last few weeks. One struggles to imagine who at this point could be convinced that a serially criminal president who abuses the DOJ and regularly smears federal law enforcement is actually a paragon of law and order, and yet Trump seems to think it will work.

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It’s worth noting that Trump didn’t actually provide these alleged internal poll numbers and wants his followers to simply take him at his word despite his long history of regularly spouting lies and misinformation. Previous reporting from numerous outlets would indicate that his internal polls are looking grim for him.

As pathetic as Trump’s denialism is, it could bode quite well for the country. Let’s hope Trump continues to ignore the weaknesses with his campaign, refuses to course-correct, and sails right into a devastating defeat this November.

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