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Trump fan beats two Black teens with flagpole after they take his Trump flag

Trump fan beats two Black teens with flagpole after they take his Trump flag

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As the country marches towards the 2020 election, we can expect the partisan and racial divides that have defined our country for the last four years to only deepen. Donald Trump’s presidency has proven to be an unmitigated disaster, a plain fact that seems to have sunk in for most Americans but which the MAGAheads still vehemently deny.

Be it pride, derangement, or simply bigotry Trump’s core group of supporters is sticking by him. It likely won’t be enough to reelect him, but it’s certain to make the next few months deeply unpleasant as the rest of us are forced to put up with their lunatic ravings and white grievance politics. More concerning is the possibility of violence. The Republican Party is so drenched in conspiracy theories and paranoia that one must exercise caution when interacting with them.

The Herald News reports that two Black teenage protestors were attacked in Joliet, Illinois by a man peddling Trump signs outside an abandoned store. A clip of the incident shows the man, Robert Tracy, whacking Rhiannon Woods and trying to hit Gabriella Woods, who are 17 and 15 respectively.

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The Woods girls were out demonstrating to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement when they say Tracy and another man began to mock and insult them. Allegedly, Rhiannon Woods moved to grab hold of one of the Trump flags on Tracy’s truck in the hopes of snapping a photograph. Tracy hit the gas pedal, and the flag pole snapped. It’s then that the Woods girls claim Tracy launched his attack, rushing out of his car to hit and spit on them.

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“It’s not justified for a piece of fabric,” Rhiannon Woods said of the violence. Her mother told The Herald News she was taken to the hospital and suffered serious bruising. The police are currently investigating.

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For his part, Tracy denies that he insulted or attacked the girls and that he was simply trying to retrieve the flag.

“All I wanted was my flag back. That’s all I wanted,” Tracy claimed. Regardless of one’s feelings about the girls grabbing Tracy’s flag, there’s simply no excuse for a grown man attacking teenage girls.

True to Trumper form, Tracy is fully embracing a victim narrative and claims that a police cruiser has been stationed outside his house in response to death threats he’s been receiving.

“I am now on a hit list, My house is going to burn down tomorrow,” said Tracy.

Watch the footage captured of the brawl below.

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