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Fox News host publicly shreds GOP Rep. for saying White House should disband COVID-19 task force

Fox News host publicly shreds GOP Rep. for saying White House should disband COVID-19 task force

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When historians look back on the COVID-19 pandemic one can only imagine the horror with which they’ll write about the Republican Party. As the United States descended into mass deaths and economic ruin the GOP remained lockstep with their buffoonish president, even as he repeatedly downplayed the risks of coronavirus and wasted away his days ranting on Twitter.

Republican officials continue to parrot the president’s misinformation, with many of them choosing to pander to their ignorant base by mocking mask-wearing and insisting that we completely reopen the economy even if it results in loss of life. They’ve tacitly declared that they are anti-science and regularly reject the expert opinions of medical professionals.

The GOP’s coronavirus behavior has gotten so egregious that even Fox News is starting to push back. Neil Cavuto, one of the network’s few remaining relatively level-headed anchors, interviewed Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) today.

This is the same Biggs who has insanely demanded that the White House disband its coronavirus task force because he doesn’t like its messaging about the pandemic. It’s as if this right-wing lunatic thinks that simply ignoring the virus and lying about its effects will make it go away.

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During his conversation with Cavuto, Biggs said that Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci have “expired” and that they are no longer useful. He slammed them for making statements that “engender panic and hysteria and undermine what the president’s doing.” His contention that the president alone should be responsible for COVID-19 messaging conveniently ignores the fact that Trump is an infamous liar.

Cavuto pushed back, pointing out that Trump rightfully defers to the concerns of his health experts. Biggs responded by casting aspersions on Fauci’s medical credentials.

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“When’s the last time Dr. Fauci met with and treated a patient on an individual basis? Or Dr. Birx? And yet when you start talking to people on the ground working in emergency rooms…” said Biggs.

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“When’s the last time you have?” interjected Cavuto. “When’s the last time you have?”

“I’m not a trained physician! What I am however is someone who can read data and who talks to people,” said Biggs.

“But you’re telling the ones who are to get out, get off the commission, we don’t need you!” said Cavuto, raising his voice and visibly losing his patience with the ignorant Congressman.

Biggs then repeated his inane talking points about “undermining” the president.

“Alright you’re saying in the middle of these upticking cases you think it’s a good idea to disband this commission now, in the middle of this?” asked Cavuto.

Biggs struggled to respond before admitting that yes, he thinks it’s a good idea.

Watch the astonishing display of idiocy below and make sure to vote in November. Republicans cannot be trusted in office and can be expected to prioritize the financial interest of their wealthy donors over the lives of average Americans every time. They pose a legitimate and pressing danger to all of us.

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