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Trump launches into bizarre rant about the COVID-19 virus: “It’s like life, it’s got a life.”

Trump launches into bizarre rant about the COVID-19 virus: “It’s like life, it’s got a life.”

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As we trudge through the dark heart of the coronavirus pandemic with no concrete end date in sight, it can be easy to lose sight of why things have gotten so bad.

Over 127,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, tens of millions of people have lost their jobs from the ensuing economic fallout, and while no single person deserves the full blame for something as unpredictable as a global viral outbreak, the Republican Party and their reality TV leader deserve a huge portion of that blame.

What we have witnessed from the GOP-controlled Senate and Oval Office over the past few months is nothing short of stunning, historical incompetence. Trump started out by downplaying the risks of the coronavirus, insisting it would miraculously vanish, then pivoted to claiming that he did a wonderful job responding to the outbreak despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary before pushing to prematurely open the economy, endangering countless lives in the process. Every step of the way he has botched our national response.

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The United States is currently weathering a dire surge of COVID-19 cases and still, Trump refuses to directly and honestly confront the problem. During a press conference today, he bragged about a dip down to 11% unemployment, a statistic that when presented in such a way obscures the reality of our dire economic situation. Many states are already starting to reinstitute lockdowns and business closures so the 11% is unfortunately just a temporary blip.

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The president then lied and said that we are “getting it under control” in regards to the coronavirus, which is hitting single-day records for new cases. He further claimed that areas which were “hard hit” are “now doing very well.” Conveniently, he failed to specify which areas he was referring to.

President Trump then rambled on a bit in his vague, incoherent fashion before dipping into some truly bizarre rhetoric.

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“It’s like life, it’s got a life,” he said of COVID-19. “And we’re putting out that life because that’s a bad life that we’re talking about,” he added.

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The strange way of phrasing this idea— which is presumably his way of saying that we have to eradicate the virus—may seem like a small thing to focus on, but it reveals the scatterbrained manner in which he views these issues. He doesn’t really know what he’s talking about and so can’t be trusted to take appropriate measures. If we allow him to win reelection in November, things will only get worse.

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